Raising a child is like launching a satellite. Some people liken raising a child to launching a satellite. It is really too vivid. We should always be vigilant and not allow this “satellite” to deviate from its orbit. Once it is successfully launched and admitted to university, the satellite will disappear into the vast outer space, leaving only some weak signals sent back regularly and irregularly.

Four points for choosing children’s food now many check-in workers say, when did you add anything? 1、 Children’s diet depends on balance. It is not that the more chickens, ducks, fish and meat they eat, the more nutritious they are. If they eat too much of these animal foods, they will cause a great burden on the children’s body and cause endless troubles; 2、 Don’t buy fruits and vegetables with strange shapes and colors, and pay more attention to them when they are out of season; 3、 In general, it is not appropriate to give children supplements and health care products. If it is necessary to eat, it should also be guided by a nutritionist and a doctor; 4、 Parents should take learning nutrition knowledge, mastering scientific parenting methods, and establishing family diet culture as important subjects in their life, and constantly recharge their batteries.