Mother must learn! Six ways to stop bleeding baby how to do? Emergency disinfection and dressing 1. Immediately press the wound with clean gauze and raise the affected area as high as possible in order to stop bleeding quickly; 2. After hemostasis, rinse the wound with normal saline or clean water to remove pollutants, gently apply hydrogen peroxide with a cotton swab around the wound, rinse again, clean and sterilize; 3. Cover the wound with small gauze soaked in normal saline, and then wrap it with large gauze.

Every day, we can see the busy figures of mothers at any time. They carry a heavy Mommy bag in their left hand and skillfully show their skills of holding babies with one hand in their right hand; In the evening, mothers take their children home with fruits and vegetables, big bags and small bags, which is also a scenic spot everywhere… Babies after the age of 3 usually begin to learn various labor skills. What can children try to do for children before the age of 3?

Refuse to diet, lactation weight loss correct way to eat postpartum weight loss, most mothers will diet way to lose weight meat. In addition, the usual favorite snacks for fruit, can not only intake certain vitamins, increase maternal nutrition, but also effectively reduce the production of excess fat.