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Caution! Feeding a baby avoids six wrong behaviors: The newly secreted milk is a bit dirty and should be squeezed out. Correction: After feeding the baby, do not immediately place it on the bed. Instead, hold the baby upright so that its head rests on the mother’s shoulder. Alternatively, you can have the baby sit on the mother’s leg, holding the baby’s pillow and neck with one hand, and bending the other hand. Gently pat the baby’s back to expel the air that has been swallowed into the stomach to prevent spillage.

How to cooperate with family members in the treatment of “postpartum depression” ☆ Caring for pregnant women is also a difficult task, and caring for women with postpartum depression is even more challenging. Family members and medical personnel should understand and support each other, and family members themselves also need psychological support. Don’t blame yourself too much when it’s unavoidable to take care of yourself poorly.

During the weight loss season in March, “N Skills Return to New Mother Xiao Man Waist” should be performed after giving birth to a new mother, regardless of whether it is necessary to perform calorie control or start bodybuilding; For mothers who undergo a cesarean section, it is recommended to wait until 3 months after childbirth and after the wound has fully recovered, before gradually starting a fitness program.

The four major caesarean birth excuses are fully controllable. For expectant mothers who are about to give birth, it is also very important to choose the delivery method. However, in understanding the process of childbirth knowledge, it is important to avoid hearsay and make correct judgments, otherwise these “distortions” can affect the emotions of pregnant mothers.