After childbirth, she quickly slimmed down and chased off the tiger backed and bear waist so. The weather was gradually warm. Every woman gradually took off her heavy overcoat and cotton padded clothes and put on her spring clothes. Regarding the diet for postpartum slimming, mothers can refer to the following principles: 1. Reduce the intake of carbohydrates; 2. Take in enough high-quality protein; 3. Light diet with less oil and salt; 4. Eat three meals a day regularly; 5. Every meal is seven or eight minutes full.

Fight to the end. Although it is difficult to regain weight after childbirth, it is more difficult than losing weight to maintain non rebound. Some new mothers who have tasted the sweetness of successful slimming may have experienced the same thing: after a period of successful slimming, their weight actually went back. What is more frightening is that they tend to be heavier than before. If you want to lose more fat, do more aerobic exercise.

Fruit into the meal, so that the new mother postpartum happy slimming hot summer! 3. Apple apple is the fruit with high effect in weight loss, because Apple is rich in pectin, which can speed up the detoxification effect of the human body and reduce the absorption of heat. The potassium element contained can prevent leg edema. In addition, the heat contained is not high, which is very beneficial to weight loss.

Keep in a happy mood. It is easier to lose weight after childbirth. Recently, my best friend, who has just been upgraded to mother, often complains in my ear about her family after childbirth. I feel that her heart is a worry. In addition to complaining about the children making trouble and her husband being lazy, what she likes to worry about most is the change of her body appearance. She is often depressed about her fat body. The researchers believe that depression will affect the level of stress hormone cortisol in the human body.