Four kinds of frightening childbirth operation. Mothers who are preparing for childbirth must be worried about what kind of childbirth process they will go through? Recommended reading: childbirth advocates one minus one plus soul stirring cesarean section experience comparative analysis of natural childbirth and cesarean section

There are many misunderstandings about the topic of natural labor. For example, people think that small people can’t give birth smoothly; they think that the pain of natural labor is unbearable; they think that natural labor will affect their sex life; they think it’s difficult to recover their body after natural labor

7 misunderstandings of natural birth, experts correct one by one: natural birth is not easy to restore body shape, natural birth is not easy to restore body shape. Cesarean section should be the method used when the mother or fetus has abnormalities, such as pelvic stenosis, fetal enlargement, fetal malposition, placenta previa, placental abruption, pregnancy toxemia, acute fetal distress, etc., which can not be the reason for maternal fear of natural birth.

Five kinds of frightened delivery operation are preparing for delivery mother, must be afraid of what kind of delivery process will experience? Intravenous oxytocin is controlled by infusion pump. It is very safe to adjust the speed of the drug according to the contraction of uterus.