To achieve these four points and create favorable conditions for natural childbirth, expectant mothers always hope for natural childbirth, but natural childbirth is not something you can think of, but is determined by multiple factors. Creating more favorable conditions for natural childbirth from both physical and psychological factors, such as choosing to have a baby at the optimal reproductive age, exercising reasonably during pregnancy, eating reasonably, and having confidence in natural childbirth, naturally makes natural childbirth easier.

There are 5 types of injuries that childbirth may bring to a baby. First, scalp birth injuries include tumors, scalp hematoma, and subarachnoid hemorrhage. The causes may be abnormal birth canal extrusion, improper use of obstetric forceps, and Head injury after birth. The treatment is mainly conservative observation, vacuum suction, and surgical correction.

Don’t believe misconceptions about delivery methods and six major rumors of natural childbirth: 1. Natural childbirth is not easy to restore body shape. @ Bean sugar: I know that natural childbirth is better, but I heard that natural childbirth can change the pelvic structure, which affects the previous slim figure, and it is not possible to recover for a long time after childbirth.

The best time for caesarean section is the 39th week of pregnancy. Researchers have long found that compared with caesarean section, Natural childbirth is relatively more conducive to infant health. At present, more and more pregnant women in the United States choose caesarean section, but experts believe that the Natural childbirth process is more conducive to the health of the baby, so they do not encourage pregnant women to choose caesarean section without medical necessity.