Preparation of Pregnancy


Prevention of dental diseases during pregnancy and preparation before pregnancy. Don’t forget to wash your teeth. Xiaoyan has been pregnant for three months, and her family takes great care of her. She is also well prepared for a nutritious diet. For friends with gingivitis, washing their teeth before pregnancy can play a positive role in improving oral health and preventing gestational gingivitis, even if it is a temporary blessing.

In late summer and early autumn, the best time to conceive a smart BB is the passing of winter and the arrival of spring. During the seasons of the year, many babies are born. 1、 Early August to late September, a good time for pregnancy – the four main reasons to choose to get pregnant in late summer and early autumn. 1. There are many fruits and vegetables in the season, so you are not afraid of eating poorly. There are “three precautions” for early autumn pregnancy

Will my husband come with me to take folic acid for pregnancy preparation? Recently, I received a lot of questions from pregnant sisters, “Will my husband eat folic acid together during pregnancy preparation?”? At the same time, it is recommended for expectant fathers to eat more foods containing zinc, selenium, and protein that are good for sperm before pregnancy.

“It’s cold to hibernate, don’t get cold during pregnancy. After winter, the weather gets colder and the couple’s life has entered a” hibernation period “, with a significant decrease in their sexual interest.”. It is recommended that men take an examination of their accessory glands in the winter. If there are no problems, these symptoms will naturally alleviate after the winter, and it is not necessary to take them too seriously.