Second Trimester


When a friend’s side dish is pregnant, she begins to pay attention to various dietary supplements during pregnancy. In addition to fresh vegetables, fruits, calcium tablets and vitamins, pregnant women’s milk powder is also filled with cans after cans. She drinks 2 cups per day according to the reference amount. After eating one can, the side dish finds that her skin has improved.

“Beautiful women, ugly men and ugly women”, is this science? There is no clear conclusion whether the sex of the fetus has a significant impact on the hormone level of the mother, and there is no significant difference in the impact of gender on the hormone level. Whether the skin of pregnant women is delicate and whether their face is good-looking is related to many external factors.

Don’t be afraid if the fetal position is not correct. Scientific correction can lead to a natural birth. Expectant mothers who want to have a natural birth should be very concerned about the fetal position, because whether the fetal position is correct or not is one of the key factors to decide whether to have a natural birth or a caesarean section. Let’s talk about the fetal position today. The effect of fetal orientation correction by pregnant women and pregnant women with small fetus (no more than 7 kg) is more ideal.

Mother to be’s side dish has been very anxious recently, which stems from a pregnancy examination. [warm reminder] when the fetus is too small, Baoma should not be too nervous and should not think about taking large and special supplements. Instead, she should respond scientifically. In addition to correcting the wrong eating habits and avoiding drinking, smoking, drug abuse and exposure to toxic substances, she should also have regular prenatal examination, master the growth status of the fetus, find and treat it early, Reduce the risk of fetal growth retardation.