Modern immunology believes that immunity is the physiological response of the human body to recognize and eliminate “dissidents”. The immune system performs this function in the human body.

After having a baby, parents are most worried about illness. Some simple methods in life can improve the immunity of the baby and reduce the number of illness.

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Step 1: Breastfeeding – the first immunity in life

Breast milk contains a large amount of immune substances, which can increase the immunity and disease resistance of infants and prevent infants from getting sick due to the invasion of virus. It can be said that breast milk is the first immunity in life, so don’t miss the opportunity to breastfeed your baby.

The second move: touch – improve the baby’s blood circulation

In natural childbirth, the contraction of the birth canal and squeezing of the fetus is a beneficial physical contact, which is conducive to the development of the baby’s nervous system. After birth, the mother’s physical contact will give the baby a great sense of security, promote the baby’s physical development, and is especially beneficial to the premature infants with lighter weight at birth. Touch can improve the baby’s blood circulation, improve immunity, improve the digestion and absorption of food, reduce crying, and improve sleep.

Step 3: Immunization and vaccination – active response

Vaccination for babies is an active measure taken by human beings to fight against infectious diseases, such as BCG vaccination to prevent tuberculosis, oral polio vaccine to prevent poliomyelitis (polio), hepatitis B vaccine to prevent hepatitis B, etc. Parents must vaccinate their babies on time.

The fourth move: regular living habits – let the biological clock rotate rhythmically

Parents should be patient enough to help their children find their own rules of life. Growing children need enough sleep every day. If your child doesn’t sleep enough at night, let him take a nap during the day. Take your baby to play in the park with fresh air on weekends, which is good for your health.

Fifth move: balanced diet – improve defense function

Children are partial to food, and uneven nutrition will reduce their resistance. The variety of meat, eggs, fresh vegetables and fruits should be as diverse as possible. Eat less fried, smoked and sweet foods.


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