First of all, it has a very obvious role in improving intelligence and promoting intellectual development. Some studies have proved that infants with better sleep have better IQ development. A little older children, sleep on the child’s memory, creativity, mental state has a very good effect.

Second, sleep has a very good role in promoting the growth and development of the baby. Some studies have proved that about 70% of growth hormone is secreted during deep sleep at night. Some children sleep very bad, more than three months to six months later, children’s height will gradually appear deviation, which is caused by sleep disorders, lack of growth hormone secretion. Of course, diet, sports, psychology and so on also have a great role in the growth of height and weight, but sleep is also a very important factor.

Third, sleep has the function of energy storage, that is to reserve energy for the human body to complete daytime activities. Sleep also has a great impact on the emotional state, whether small or large children, if lack of sleep or sleep quality is not high, there will be irritability, irritability, behavior disorder, memory loss, reduced activity ability and other situations, and also prone to accidental injury. So good sleep is very important for children.

Of course, children of different ages have different sleep patterns and characteristics. The younger the children are, the longer the sleep time is. For example, the daily sleep time of newborns is 16-18 hours, children from 6 months to 1.5 years old sleep 13-15 hours, children from 5 years old sleep about 12 hours, and children from school age sleep about 11 hours. Children under 2 years old sleep twice in the daytime, and children under 2-6 years old take a nap once in the daytime. Of course, there are great individual differences in sleep time, which can not be forced to be consistent. If the baby’s mental state is good, lively, intelligent and well-developed during the day, then the sleep time should be appropriate.


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