For mothers, taking the baby out of the door is not a simple thing. Even if the baby is not long after birth, you will feel numb in your hands and “in urgent need of rescue” after holding it in your arms for a long time.

However, with the stroller, the problem becomes much simpler! Let the baby sit in the stroller, you can not only walk and go shopping leisurely, but also sometimes the stroller can act as a baby’s small bed, so that the baby can lie in it and sleep for a while and a half.

However, do you know that the stroller may be quietly “pit” your baby( Follow wechat subscription number: mother duo’s parent-child time and talk about parenting)

A mother posted a post on a forum saying that her baby who had just reached 6 months often “nestled” in the “soft bed” of the stroller. Later, the baby cried as soon as she took the stroller. She went to the hospital to check that the baby’s spine was deformed!

What? Baby stroller can lead to deformation of baby’s spine?

It’s possible! Within one year after birth, the baby’s spine will undergo the following changes:

Newborn: the spine hardly bends when viewed from the side, only protrudes slightly backward.

2 ~ 3 months: when the baby starts to lie prone and look up, there is cervical lordosis.

6 ~ 7 months: the baby gradually forms thoracic kyphosis when practicing sitting.

10 ~ 12 months: practice standing and walking to form lumbar lordosis.

For the baby whose spine is developing, if the seat back of the stroller is relatively soft and the baby sits inside naturally, the seat cushion and back will sag downward, which can not give enough support to the baby’s spine; In addition, if we do not use the stroller reasonably and the baby sits or even sleeps in the stroller for a long time, the baby’s spine may be deformed!

(in the same way, it’s the same with using a mattress for your baby. If it’s too soft, it may deform your spine.)

In combination with the above, whether the stroller will deform the baby’s spine depends on two aspects:

First, what kind of stroller did you choose: the stroller with soft seat cushion and back is unfavorable to the development of the baby’s spine( I’ve seen a baby carriage in the shape of a cloth bag, which is even more powerful!)

The second is whether there is a reasonable use of the stroller: relying too much on the stroller and even often letting the baby sleep in the stroller is not conducive to the baby’s spine health. Especially for babies who can’t sit still, they can’t sit in the stroller for a long time too early.

Next, some mothers may want to ask:

What exactly should I choose for the stroller? How to use it?

Choose and use the stroller according to the baby’s age.

1. Babies within 6 months

At this stage, the baby’s spine is relatively fragile. It’s best to use less or no stroller. If you want to use it, the flat stroller will protect your baby’s spine better than the sitting stroller.

In addition, the bottom of the stroller must not be too soft. If the baby lies down, the bottom of the stroller will deform. In fact, not only the stroller, but also the baby’s spine will deform at this time!

2. Babies after 6 months

The “after 6 months” here does not necessarily rigidly refer to after 6 months, but should take “whether the baby can sit alone” as the reference standard.

After the baby can sit alone, you can safely use the sitting stroller at this time, but still pay attention to that the seat and backrest can not be too soft. It is best to have a certain thickness between the seat cushion and the backrest, so that the baby will not feel too hard when sitting inside, and the spine and hips can get strong support at the same time.

What else should we pay attention to when using the stroller?

1. Don’t let the baby stay in the stroller for a long time

The stroller can facilitate the mother to take the baby out, but we can’t rely too much on the stroller. As mentioned above, the baby sitting in the stroller for a long time is unfavorable to the development of the spine.

In addition, if you want your baby’s movements and language to develop better, you should let your baby lie down, climb, grasp toys and interact with adults… Don’t let the stroller limit the development of these abilities.

2. Be sure to use the brake when stopping

Many mothers rarely use the brake function in the process of using the stroller, just thinking “why brake? Although the stroller has wheels, it won’t go as long as no one pushes it. What are you afraid of? “

But on some outdoor slopes, as long as we don’t pay attention, the stroller will slide down the slope, causing accidents.

There was such a news in 2014:

A young mother in London pushed the stroller into the subway station. Not long after she loosened the armrest of the stroller, there was a sudden gust of wind. Because the stroller didn’t brake, it slipped into the railway track. Fortunately, there was no subway at this time, and the child was rescued in time.

As the old saying goes, tomorrow and accidents, no one knows which comes first. In the process of using the stroller, we must pay attention to this detail and beware of unnecessary accidents.

3. The use of safety belt is also very important

In September 2015, a grandmother in Changzhou made this laziness when using the stroller and didn’t fasten the baby’s seat belt. As a result, the 1-and-a-half-year-old granddaughter slipped out of the stroller when adults didn’t pay attention, face down, mouth and nose buried in the cushion and couldn’t move, resulting in serious suffocation

Remind mothers: the safety belt of the stroller is really not for viewing! As long as the baby is in the car, be sure to wear a seat belt!

4. The baby stroller must have better shockproof effect

The stroller has good shockproof effect, which can not only make the baby sit more comfortable, but also prevent the injury caused by “baby shaking syndrome” for the baby.

5. Don’t push the stroller to take the hand lift

Recently, there is such news:

An aunt pushed the stroller to take the walking elevator. As a result, the stroller suddenly overturned and the child fell out of the stroller. In a hurry, the two takeout brothers immediately threw away the lunch box and ran to save people

(although the focus of the news is to praise the takeout brother, but ~)

Remind mothers that if you push the stroller, don’t take the hand lift. Take the vertical lift instead! Don’t be too troublesome. The stroller has brought us too much convenience. Don’t steal it( Follow wechat subscription number: mother duo’s parent-child time and talk about parenting)

6. Never leave the baby alone in the stroller

Don’t think “I’ll leave for a while. Should it be all right?” 90% of accidents happen under this consciousness. Therefore, no matter how short you leave, you should never leave your baby alone in the stroller.


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