The manifestation of infant eczema: mostly occurs about 1 month after birth, and rash occurs 1-2 weeks after birth, mainly in cheek, forehead, eyebrow and head, and also in trunk and limbs in severe cases. In the early stage, only cheek rash like rash or blister-like rash (medically known as papules, herpes) were seen, which distributed densely, and then healed into flaky erythema. Eczema is often symmetrically distributed. According to the clinical manifestations, it can be divided into dry type, seborrheic type and exudative type. This infant is often accompanied by other allergic diseases, such as allergic rhinitis, asthmatic bronchitis, urticaria and other diseases.

9 Notices for Infant Eczema in Summer

Nine Notices for Infant Eczema in Summer

Treatment of infantile eczema: There are many kinds of medicines available for eczema. The choice of drug dosage forms depends on the manifestation of eczema. We should not abuse drugs on our own to avoid skin damage or infection. We should use drugs under the guidance of doctors.

(1) If it is allergic to milk, the milk can be boiled several times more, its composition and structure can be changed, allergenic factors can be reduced, less sugar in milk, or other dairy substitutes can be tried;

(2) If it is allergic to certain foods, you can start to eat a small amount, then slowly increase the amount, so that children gradually adapt. When eating eggs, try to eat yolk alone instead of protein. If necessary, choose vegetable protein food.

(3) Food should be rich in vitamins, inorganic salts and water, sugar and fat should be moderate, eat less salt, so as not to accumulate too much fluid in the body;

(4) If breast-fed children suffer from eczema, breast-feeding mothers should stop eating food that causes allergies.

(5) Daily care should pay attention to: try not to use alkaline soap. No cosmetics are needed except for baby facial oil.

(6) Do not wear chemical fibers or wool clothes. It is advisable to wear soft, light-colored cotton cloth. Clothes should be loose and not overcoated.

(7) In order to avoid infection of scratched skin, soft cloth can be used to wrap hands loosely, but it should be observed frequently to prevent the thread head from winding fingers.

(8) The scab formed on the scalp and eyebrows can be smeared with edible oil which has been detoxified, and then gently scrubbed the next day.

(9) In case of eczema attack, no vaccination should be given to avoid adverse reactions.

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