1. The baby is crying badly. Can touching make him calm?

Let the baby stop crying first, find the reason and solve it, and then do it after the baby’s mood is stable.

2. The baby can’t sleep well. Is touching useful?

When your baby cries and doesn’t want to sleep, you may swing. But do you find that when the swing stops, the sleepy baby will wake up, and the crying situation tends to increase.

Research shows that if you keep touching your baby before he or she goes to bed, the baby is easier to fall asleep and cry less.

3. Is touching useful for the baby’s intellectual development?

In the experiment of touching adults for 15 minutes twice a week for five weeks, the ability of mathematical operation of the people receiving the touch was enhanced, the error was halved, and the speed was doubled. In other studies of infants and children, it was also found that the touch had enhanced flexibility.

4. Do you use “natural” products instead of mineral oil

In fact, mineral oil is a natural product extracted from plants, while vegetable oil and soybean oil are both natural oils, but they are not ideal baby moisturizers. Vegetable oil: vegetable oil is usually mixed with some other ingredients, which will cause damage to the baby’s skin. The vast majority of vegetable oil is considered not pure enough and therefore cannot be used for infants. Soybean oil: the oil extracted from peanuts and almonds has pleasant aroma, but it may also cause baby skin allergy.

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