As the temperature rises, mosquitoes also sneak in. Unconsciously, summer has quietly come to us. The special weather in late spring and early summer will make the baby have some new discomfort and small diseases. Some early summer disease symptoms even haunt the baby, which makes parents very upset.

1. Too much sweating is easy to get heatstroke

The weather is getting hot gradually, and babies are prone to sweat, but their skin sweat glands are not fully developed, and their body water storage is limited. Excessive sweating is easy to cause dehydration shock.

If the baby’s skin is red first, touch the baby’s skin to feel dry and hot. The baby is irritable, some will cry, breathing and pulse speed up, and then appear tired, dizzy, twitching, or enter a coma state. The temperature can be as high as 39 ℃ or above when measured. The baby may have heatstroke.


Mother should effectively adjust the indoor temperature and keep the surrounding environment ventilated and the temperature appropriate.

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