In real life, mothers have such and such questions about calcium supplementation: “Is it accurate to determine calcium deficiency by hair test? Does calcium need to be supplemented when children grow up fast? When can calcium be absorbed more easily?

Three Reminders for Mothers of Calcium Supplementation for Children

Reminder 1: The results of hair test are inaccurate

10-month-old Jiajia is a white, plump girl. Recently, her mother found that it was difficult for her to fall asleep during the day, and she could not sleep soundly at night. She often cried at night, especially when “pillow baldness” appeared on the back of her head. Her anxious mother took her to a hospital for examination. Laboratory staff cut a strand of children’s hair for testing. The results showed that children lacked zinc and calcium. Her mother was suspicious of the test results, and took Jiajia to another hospital for examination. In this hospital, Jiajia did trace elements and blood calcium tests, and concluded that there was no lack of zinc in calcium. Jiajia’s mother was confused. What kind of results should she believe?

Guo Yi, deputy chief physician of Pediatrics in the Eastern Hospital of Municipal Hospital, told reporters that although there was some scientific basis for examining children’s calcium deficiency through hair tests, the results were not very accurate, because the results of such tests may be affected by the speed of hair growth and hair contamination. The detection of trace elements and blood calcium to determine whether children are calcium deficient is scientifically based. If more accurate diagnosis is needed, bone alkaline phosphatase can be checked.

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Page 1: Hair Examination Judgment Page 2: Children Grow Faster and Need Calcium Supplement

Page 3: Calcium supplements are easy to absorb after meals

Page 1: Hair Test Judgment

Page 2: Children grow faster and need calcium supplements

Page 3: Calcium supplements are easy to absorb after meals


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