Baby massage and gymnastics can stimulate the baby’s lymphatic system, increase resistance; improve digestive system function; improve sleep; calm the baby’s impatient mood, reduce crying; promote mother-to-child communication, so that the baby feels love and care, is a suitable exercise.

For newborns, parents can choose to touch them, the specific operation can be divided into six aspects of the face, chest, hands, abdomen, legs and back movement. Take facial and abdominal touches for example. The main purpose of facial touches is to relieve the tense muscles of the face. The action is to push the thumbs of both hands out from the center of the forehead and draw a smile. The eyebrows, eye sockets, the middle of the human body and the chin are also pushed out with the thumbs of both hands. We call this group of actions: everlasting smiles. The abdominal touch helps the baby’s gastrointestinal movement by massaging the abdomen clockwise, three consecutive movements that happen to be the first letter of the LOVE YOU.

0-6 months old baby can also exercise some passive exercises, but we must pay attention to the following points:

1. Babies should take part in body and mind training for one hour after feeding, so as to avoid returning milk during training.

2, baby should wear loose and comfortable underwear when exercising.

3, exercise time as far as possible in the baby sober, when the mood is good;

4. Hug before you do exercises and kiss your baby.

5, father and mother try to work together with the baby to enhance their feelings.

6, do 1-2 times a day, step by step.

7. When you exercise, pay attention to your actions and make your baby feel comfortable.

8, we should be flexible and gradually improve.

For 3-4 months, the baby can choose the following actions:

Foot flexion and extension exercise: let the baby lie on the back of the bed, adults stand on the side of the body, holding the baby one ankle in one hand and lifting the leg, the other thumb on the back of the baby’s feet, holding the baby’s feet. Ankles and ankle hooks. Each time the left and right feet do 2 eight shots.

Two arms flexion and extension: the baby lies on the bed and arms on the side. Adults put their thumbs in the palm of their babies and hold their babies’ hands. Bend the baby’s arms at the same time, then restore to the starting position. Do 2 eight shots at a time.

Cyclotron movement: the baby supposes on the bed, the adult holds the baby’s hands, puts on the baby body side. The baby’s arms are raised flat in front, then the baby’s arms are raised, and then the arms are separated into side-to-side flattening, restoring to the starting position. Do 2 eight shots at a time.

Single and double leg flexion and extension, finger flexion, foot rotation, straight knee leg movement and so on are also good choices.

For 5-6 months babies can do push ups, back leg exercises and sit ups.

Stoop and back leg movement: babies are prone to brace, adults use both hands to hold babies’ ankles. Restore the baby’s knees to the starting position. Do 2 eight shots at a time.

Sit up: Adults let babies hold their thumbs. Then use the other 4 fingers to hold the baby’s back, slowly pull up to the sitting position, hold for 3-5 seconds, restore. Do 2 eight shots at a time.

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