Generally, parents may freeze the supplementary food before they have time to cook or eat it. Then, we should pay attention to a few points when we take it out for thawing.

First, how much to make and how much to thaw. Second, try to choose the slow thawing method, you can put the frozen food into the refrigerator area for slow thawing. If you are in a hurry to eat, wash it in running water or warm water. Don’t thaw it very quickly. This may affect the taste of the food. Third, don’t thaw too much. When preserving complementary foods, try to divide them into small pieces and put them in the utensils. You can take out as many ingredients as you need before making them. In this way, you can avoid too much thawing and waste. Fourth, attention should be paid to avoid repeated thawing and thawing, which may lead to food deterioration due to improper operation.


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