When winter comes, the baby’s tender skin can not escape the invasion of dryness. Looking at the baby’s wrinkled skin, the mother is really anxious to collapse in the eyes in the heart.

Although the baby’s skin is full of moisture, if the nursing is not in place, the whole body, from head to foot, the small details may also change because of dryness. So, what parts of baby’s skin need special care in winter?

1. Small Face

In winter, the baby’s body is wrapped tightly, but the small face is exposed. When the wind blows, dryness, redness, scaling and even chapping may occur. It is itchy, painful and very uncomfortable.

How to deal with it: Avoid using overheated water to wash baby’s face; towel must be soft; wash face gently; wash face not too frequently; go out to do a good windproof measures. In addition, every time you wash your face or go out, you should apply some baby’s face cream.

2. Nose position

In fact, the skin of the nose is also fragile, especially if the baby runs nose frequently in winter, it is easier to peel and turn red. Little red nose, although it looks like sprouting, is actually more painful.

Answer: don’t forget to smear your nose when applying cream, especially on both sides of your nose. In addition, if the indoor air is relatively dry, it is recommended to put a humidifier, or use a warm wet towel to help the baby compress his nose.

3. Lip position

There is no lip grease secretion, if the weather is particularly dry, coupled with the baby often go outdoors, then the lips must be the easiest part of the trick. In addition, as long as the lips are dry, children will naturally be accustomed to licking their lips, which will only accelerate the evaporation of lip moisture, aggravating the phenomenon of dry cracking.

Countermeasures: before going out, apply special baby lip balm to baby can effectively improve. If your baby’s lips are dry, you can apply the wet towel first and then apply the lipstick.

4. Small hands and feet

Children are full of curiosity about everything, and their exposed hands like to touch everywhere, which is also vulnerable to injury. In addition, often frozen can also lead to dry skin, peeling, chapped, and so on.

Responding measures: Baby should be put on moisturizer in time after bathing, especially small hands and feet; before going out, moisturizer should also be applied before going out, and it is suggested to reduce the number of winter outings to avoid aggravating skin problems.

In addition to the methods mentioned above, mothers should also pay attention to:

1. Drink more water for your baby. Drinking warm boiled water is a good way to replenish water. Babies need to drink more water after going out to play, waking up, crying and playing. When you go out, you can prepare a cup with good heat preservation effect, and replenish water for your baby at any time.

2. Avoid blowing as much as possible. The bitter wind, adults can not stand, let alone the delicate skin of the baby. Therefore, when taking dolls out, we must do a good job of skin protection, wear clothes, hats, scarves and so on can be used to cover, but pay attention to safety oh.


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