Thanks to the inventors of air conditioning, we can also stay in a cool space in hot summer, so as not to sweat, and babies can also grow fewer rashes, less irritability, a good sleep. The air conditioner is good, but it also has defects. It is not right to blow. The baby is prone to “air conditioning disease”. Here are five important things to pay attention to when babies blow air-conditioning. Parents must know and take precautions against air-conditioning problems from the details.

First, the best temperature of blowing air conditioning is 26 -28 C.

The temperature in the air-conditioned room is too low to cause the baby to get sick. If the temperature is too high, the baby will feel sick. Some parents like to turn the air conditioning temperature down very low, in fact, this is not good, because the baby stays in low temperature for a long time, the immunity will weaken. If the baby’s body function long-term adaptation to low temperature environment, once transferred to a higher temperature environment is easy to get sick.

Tips: the temperature of the air conditioner can be adjusted to 26-28 degrees. This is a comfortable and uneasy temperature. The baby may feel a bit cold when the air conditioner is blowing for a long time, so it is more appropriate to wear long sleeves and trousers for your baby.

Two. Don’t approach the baby in the direction of the air conditioner.

Parents should be careful not to let the air conditioner vent against the baby. Because the baby’s temperature control center is not yet perfect, the outlet to blow for a long time, will make the baby’s whole body capillary contraction, hypothermia, easy to cause disease.

Tips: If the air conditioner is not installed properly and the outlet is facing the bed, you may as well install an air-conditioning windshield so that the wind direction will not be directly facing the baby. The windshield is available online and easy to install, but when you buy it, you need to see if your air conditioner fits and choose the right size.

Three, air conditioning room should pay attention to ventilation.

When air conditioning is on in summer, doors and windows are basically closed, which will increase the indoor carbon dioxide content and deteriorate the air quality. Studies have shown that 10 minutes of window opening can change the air of a 80 square meter room.

Tips: Parents can make full use of the cooler hours in the morning and evening to give indoor “big breath” and “big breath” when opening windows, fans, so that the air flow freely more than 15 minutes. Don’t be reluctant to let the indoor air-conditioning become hot, and then turn on the air-conditioning power consumption, you know, fresh air in exchange for the health of the baby. At ordinary times, it needs “small breath”. There are several times a day, and the time can be shorter.

Four, baby wake up 1 hours before closing the air conditioner.

The baby’s body temperature regulating center and sweat gland are not mature enough to regulate indoor and outdoor temperature difference, so it needs a gradual adaptation process. Turn off the air conditioning one hour before the baby wakes up, so that the indoor temperature and outdoor temperature gradually consistent, and so on when the baby gets up, indoor and outdoor temperature difference has not been big, can effectively prevent the baby from suffering from various respiratory diseases.

Tips: do not open doors and windows immediately after shutting down the air conditioner. When the indoor temperature rises slightly, the windows will be opened again. If the baby wakes up early, should turn off the air conditioning, and let the baby continue to stay in the room for some time, when the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is not big, then take the baby out of the room.

Five. Keep the air humidity in the air-conditioned room.

Air conditioning has the function of dehumidification, the baby stays in the air conditioning room for a long time, if not pay attention to water, it is easy to appear dry mouth. Baby’s skin moisture regulation ability is poor, so the primary task is to replenishment of the baby. Prepare a cup of warm water for the baby, and replenish the water at the right time. In addition, a basin of water can be placed in the air-conditioned room to increase the humidity of the room.

Tips: If you use a humidifier to increase the humidity in your room, keep it out of your baby’s reach to avoid accidents.

It’s really comfortable to stay in a cool air-conditioned room in a hot summer, but it’s bad for your baby’s health to be in a low temperature for a long time. Therefore, every morning or evening, parents should take the baby to the outdoor activities, let the baby adapt to indoor and outdoor temperature difference.


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