1. Purple lips and tongue

“If the lips or tongue or oral mucosa is purple, it means that the baby is lack of oxygen, so emergency treatment should be carried out immediately,” said Kelly delaza, a pediatrician at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago

2. Shortness of breath, humming and groaning

Jardine, clinical lecturer, Lucille Packard children’s Hospital, Stanford University? Dr. Wang said that when the baby continues to breathe rapidly and forcefully, he should see if he is accompanied by chest muscle exertion and nasal wing movement, in case it is caused by acute respiratory distress syndrome. If the condition persists for several hours, consider seeing an emergency department.

3. Less than two months old, Anal temperature more than 38 ℃

Delaza said that neonatal fever needs special attention and should be checked by a doctor. If the child is older and immune function is sound, it will not be too serious.

4. The skin is getting yellow

After the birth of the child’s skin more and more yellow, perhaps jaundice aggravated. Not all jaundice is very serious, but it can’t disappear gradually. Instead, it needs to see a doctor. It is suggested that babies with jaundice can breast feed more frequently.

5. Use less diapers

If your baby’s diapers are not wet, you should consider the possibility of dehydration. Generally, babies born on the second day should use at least two diapers a day and three diapers on the third day Six dollars on the sixth day. Other signs of severe dehydration include dry mouth, sunken eyes and drowsiness.

6. Vomiting

After coughing and crying hard, vomiting is normal. However, if the vomit is yellow green bile, it may be intestinal obstruction; if the vomit is like powdered coffee grounds, it may be intestinal bleeding; after head injury, vomiting may be a symptom of concussion, so you should seek medical advice.


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