There are three kinds of harm for infants to keep long nails: first, fingernails are easy to scratch their own skin, especially their face, eyes and ears. Second, long nails are easy to hide filth. Infants and young children have the habit of sucking their fingers and eating directly with their hands. When the filth in the cracks of fingernails is sucked into their mouth, it often causes digestive tract diseases and parasitic diseases, affecting their health.

Third, long nails are easy to split, causing bleeding at the fingertips. Long nails are also easy to catch the thread of sweater or sweater when wearing clothes and hurt fingers. So it is necessary to cut nails frequently for infants.

Infants and young children’s metabolism is exuberant, nails grow fast, they should be pruned in time. Because the baby’s nails are particularly weak, the skin is also very delicate, and the baby likes to move, parents or kindergarten aunts should pay attention to the following four points when cutting the baby’s nails.

1. Choose the nail scissors with fast blade, thin surface and good quality to cut the nails for infants. Do not use ordinary scissors to avoid cutting the fingertips of infants.

2. According to the growth speed of the baby’s nails, it is generally enough to cut them once a week. If the nails are split, they should be trimmed at any time. The nails on the feet are hard and thick. They will soften naturally after bathing or foot washing, and then they will be easy to cut.

3. As long as infants are awake, they love to move their hands and feet. If they are pruned after sleeping, they are much safer. Older children can tell them stories and cut their nails at the same time.

4. To cut nails for infants and young children, the action should be light and quick. Don’t cut too much and too hard at a time, so as to avoid pain. To cut more smooth, to prevent cutting into a corner. After cutting, parents should touch their hands to see if the nail section is smooth. If it is not smooth, they can use the small file on the nail scissors to smooth it.


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