Now it’s hot, the temperature is gradually rising, and the baby often cries because of discomfort, which is a big test for novice parents. It is said that it is very difficult to take care of your baby in summer, for fear of catching cold and heatstroke. In fact, as long as you understand the following five problems, taking care of your baby in summer will become very easy.

Question 1: can baby only wear small belly bag in summer?

“It’s very hot in the afternoon. Can you just wear a small belly bag for your baby?”

Fan Ma said: don’t just stay naked for the sake of being cool.

Reason: you can wear a small pouch in summer, but it is not recommended to wear crotch pants. Many mothers adhere to the principle of “more should not be less” when they dress their babies for fear that their babies will catch cold. In fact, in the hot season, you should choose clothes according to your baby’s self-regulation ability. Experts say that as long as the clothing can cover the chest and abdomen, it can ensure that children do not get cold.

When choosing clothes for your baby in summer, you should try to choose thinner cotton clothes, and the color should be lighter. In addition, according to the environment to increase or decrease clothing, in the air-conditioned room is best not to wear only a small pouch.

In addition, usually take your baby in and out of shopping malls and other places, because the air conditioner is fully turned on, and the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large, so before you go in, you must dry your sweat, have a rest, and then go in. It’s best to bring a thinner long sleeve, which can be worn when you go in.

Question 2: can the baby turn on the air conditioner when he goes to bed at night?

“My child always can’t sleep well at night. I don’t know if it’s hot. I dare not turn on the air conditioner for him. I’m afraid he will catch cold.”

Fan’s mother said: it’s so hot that adults can’t stand it, not to mention children. If you don’t turn on the air conditioner, is it your own mother?

Reason: in fact, when the baby sleeps in summer, the air conditioner is not turned on, and the baby’s body surface temperature is relatively high, which will seriously affect sleep. If the baby does not sleep soundly, it will also affect his mood and stretch development. In the long run, the baby is prone to rash and eczema. Therefore, the baby can turn on the air conditioner when sleeping in summer.

But we should pay attention to the air conditioning for the baby, pay attention to adjust the direction of the wind, should avoid blowing directly, the temperature of the air conditioning should not be set too low when sleeping. After all, the wind of the air conditioner is not natural wind. The wind speed is fierce and cool. It’s easy to get cold when it’s blown by the wind. When the air conditioner is turned on at night, put on long sleeve trousers for the baby, and tie the clothes into the trousers. In this way, even if the baby kicks the quilt, it’s not easy to get cold.

Question 3: can baby sleep in summer?

“Recently, when babies sleep, they always turn on the fan, and they don’t dare to sleep on the mat, for fear of rash!”

Fan Ma said: why can’t you sleep? On such a hot day, if you don’t turn on the air conditioner, turn on the fan, and you can’t sleep on the mat, how can the baby cool down?

Reason: the baby can sleep on the mat in summer! Maybe some parents will say that the mat doesn’t absorb sweat, and the baby always has rash after sleeping; the mat is too cold, our home is already very cold, and the baby will catch cold after sleeping. “Some children have rash on their back and neck, but their parents still say that they wear a small vest. When they ask carefully, the whole bed is indeed covered with a mat, and as a result, it is covered with a quilt. It can be imagined that the child’s back and neck can not sweat, of course, it will cover the rash

Therefore, the baby can sleep mat, but should pay attention to the mat should often scrub, drying, the weather can be removed after the cool.

Question 4: does the baby have to cover the quilt when sleeping at night?

“My baby sleeps restlessly and doesn’t like to cover the quilt during the day and night. Can we not cover it? After all, it’s such a hot day!”

Even if the weather is hot, you should cover something for your baby when you go to bed.

Reason: when the baby goes to bed at night, it needs to cover something. Now most families have air conditioning. When you turn on the air conditioning at night, your baby is easy to catch cold. A towel that can absorb sweat and breathe can effectively prevent it. In addition, treasure mothers should pay attention to, never because the weather is hot, give the baby naked to sleep, or just wear a small belly bag to sleep, because the baby is active, like to kick the quilt, abdomen is easier to catch cold.

The area around the navel is where the whole abdomen is weak, so it’s more likely to get cold and cause diarrhea. It’s also good to put a towel on the belly when the baby is sleeping.

Question 5: can the baby walk barefoot on the ground?

“My mother-in-law doesn’t let the child walk barefoot underground. She has to put socks on him. The socks are also very thick!”

Why do you have to put socks on your baby? It’s hot when you think about it!

Reason: the baby can walk barefoot on the ground! The reason why Baoma don’t want the baby to walk barefoot is that they are worried that the floor is cold and the baby is easy to catch cold when walking barefoot.

In fact, the baby relies on the surface of the skin to dissipate heat. There are many sweat glands in the hands, feet, head, armpits, arms, legs, and then the trunk, but the heat dissipation of hands and feet is the key. Generally speaking, the temperature of the baby’s hand is higher than that of the foot, so touching the foot will be cooler than the hand, but it will not catch a cold.

It’s hot in summer. You can let your baby walk barefoot in the ground at home, but you should pay attention to clean the floor to prevent damage to your baby’s feet. If it’s an air-conditioned room, you can wear a pair of thin socks.

Dr. Cui Yutao said: “when taking care of children, don’t always treat children as a special group. Although we need to pay attention to their life care, their metabolism is more vigorous than ours, and they are more afraid of heat. So don’t always feel afraid of children catching cold and putting too much clothing on them, which will make them very uncomfortable and even have disease problems.”


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