The relevant parenting magazines have listed the charging standards for “baby necessities”. Of course, they have a certain market. Every new mother needs to find a starting point. However, this road seems to be getting longer and more expensive. There are some “baby essentials” that you don’t really need. Separate your baby’s real needs from your imagination, save money, and make life simpler.

1 Adjustable table. Children are like small animals. They like to defecate and pee in each room, so save this table. Just put a basket with paper towels in the main rooms of the house. Besides, if you change their diapers on the floor, the children will never fall off.

2 Diaper genie. Yogurt, vanilla, and even some people bought the smell of popcorn! My friends can describe the smell of their baby’s poop as many kinds, but the fact is that newborn diapers don’t stink. When they grow up to eat solid food, they will produce smelly poop. At that time, you will not only think of wrapping them in cellophane, but throwing them out of the room as soon as possible.

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Page 1: adjustable table

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