The baby is in an important stage of physical development, the smell of stimulation may cause harm to the baby’s health. For example, many mothers love beauty and spray perfume on their bodies, but do you know? The smell of perfume actually poisons the baby’s health.

Cigarette smell

The smoke exhaled by adults and the smoke emitted when lighting cigarettes will “choke” the baby, directly threatening their immature respiratory tract, mouth, sympathetic nerve and growing brain, causing children asthma, caries, tinnitus or hearing loss, delaying intellectual development and height growth.

To prevent children from being attacked by “second-hand smoke”, the room is absolutely “smoke-free area”. If Mom and dad are addicted to smoking, they can close the door between the room and the balcony and open up a small “smoking area” for themselves. Of course, the window of the balcony is “open”.

Perfume smell

Second hand incense is no less a threat to children than second-hand smoke. Many people will produce allergic symptoms such as headache, dizziness, tears, skin rash, sore throat, chest tightness and so on after passive inhalation of artificial fragrance in the air. After all, beautifully packaged, scented perfume is essentially a bottle of chemical preparation, some of which may be toxic and stimulate certain parts of the brain. If the mother in the workplace is hard to give up their perfume complex, it may be better to sprinkle a little after saying goodbye to the baby, immediately after home, take a hot bath, and then intimate contact with the child.

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