Some love clean hemp, usually take care of their babies, often like to do some cleaning work for them: such as ears, nail clipping, nose opening, etc., for the sake of baby’s health, proper attention to hygiene is certainly good, but because these parts are really special, if not properly cleaned, but very much It may cause unnecessary harm to the baby.

So Ma Ma must be careful when doing these actions, if it happens to be self-defeating, it will really be worthless!

First, dig your ears.

Many parents find the baby’s ear wax is not clean, always want to take out, to get it out.

But in fact, earwax is normal for everyone, to some extent it can also help our eardrums isolate some microbial stimulation, under normal circumstances will not affect the health of the ear.

But if parents always like to poke out, on the one hand, easy to destroy the protective film, on the other hand, the ear is very sensitive to the place, if the parents suddenly shake hands or the baby’s movement does not match, heavy hands, it is very likely to damage the baby’s ear canal, causing infection of the external ear canal; The tympanic membrane also affects hearing.

So parents don’t care about earwax when it doesn’t affect your baby’s hearing or make him feel uncomfortable.

If the child will often pull the ear, want to use their own hands to knead or pick, or too much impact on hearing, do not recommend unauthorized use of tools (ear scoops, cotton swabs, etc.) to clean.

The right thing to do is:

Seek professional help. Because of excessive earwax caused by baby discomfort, or other ear phenomena, such as water, eczema, inflammation, it is recommended to seek the help of a professional doctor directly, the doctor is not only safe to operate, but also more comfortable baby.

Use hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) to clean it. Let the baby lie on his side, the need to clean the ear up, gently press the baby’s head to prevent him from shaking, and then to the ear drop 3-4 drops of hydrogen peroxide solution, about 10 minutes after earwax softening, gently wash out with warm water can be. (But this practice estimates that the baby will not be very cooperative, parents should not be reluctant to pay attention to, really can not let the doctor come. )

Two. Cut your nails.

Cut your baby’s nails, to avoid the baby’s own inadvertent movement scratches themselves, and for those who love to eat hands, will be more clean and hygienic.

But numb people should pay attention to, if too often cut nails or cut too short, it may also lead to reverse growth of baby nails, that is, to grow into the meat, serious nail grooving or other inflammation.

Therefore, it is also necessary to pay attention to certain techniques to cut nails and hemp. To learn more about this, scan the two-dimensional code below to pay attention to the Happy Mommy Public Number and check out the article “How to Help Baby Cut Your Nails, It’s a summary for you.”

Three. Nostril

Sometimes the baby’s runny nose will be relatively dry, forming a dry scab sticking in the nasal cavity, numb people like to directly use the little finger to help pick out, in fact, such a practice is not worth it.

You know, the baby’s nasal mucosa is relatively fragile, dry nose mucus and nasal hair stick together, when directly cut out the crust, it is very likely to even the nasal hair out together, damage the delicate nasal mucosa, causing bleeding or infection.

Some parents also like to use nasal spray to help their babies through the nostrils, but be aware that excessive use of nasal spray may cause nasal swelling and congestion, and even affect blood pressure, so this method is not recommended.

The right way:

Saline nasal drip. Remove the nasal scab must first soften, hemp can let the baby lie flat, and then drip 1-2 drops into its nostril, so that the nasal scab slowly wet and soften, and then gently squeeze the alar nose, so that the nasal scab gradually loose, and then use a sterile cotton swab to roll off the nasal scab. In addition, saline can also play a moist dry nasal cavity, alleviate nasal congestion, and no other side effects.

Hot compress (hot air) method. Put a warm and wet towel on your baby’s nose for hot compress, or a larger baby can use a cup of hot water, let the baby inhale one minute facing the nose, or can dilute the mucus in the nasal cavity or soften the scab. But care should be taken to prevent scalding.

Finally, keep the indoor air moist, which can also reduce the production of baby nose droppings, such as using a humidifier when the air is dry and the room is warm enough, or placing a basin of water in the room.

Four, cleaning the private parts

After the baby urinates, it is normal to clean the baby. It is a good habit to talk about hygiene. But some hemp will be more cleanliness, and then in the process of cleaning the baby, it is rubbed, rubbed, washed and washed.

However, anesthetics should know that not only the stool around the baby’s anus can cause a variety of itching inflammation, itching may also be caused by excessive scrubbing. When you wash your anus with too much paper or water, the natural fat will be removed, resulting in dry itching.

Therefore, hemp in the baby’s private cleaning, it is best to wash with warm water, less wet paper towels, wipe the action to be light, not rough cleaning.

In addition, in particular, many girls have varying degrees of labia minora adhesion phenomenon, anesthetics should pay attention to not every time after urination with a wet paper towel wipe, not to deliberately remove the white secretion of the baby vulva, just need to wash the baby vulva with warm water enough. Do not overcare, cause local mucosal damage.

Moreover, for babies with diaper rash, sesame people should avoid using wet paper towels, because wet paper towels may cause skin friction damage, ulceration, increase the risk of local skin secondary bacterial or fungal infections.


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