Now the weather is getting colder and colder, the air is also very dry, and the baby’s skin is delicate and fragile. At this time, if the care is not proper, it may cause some damage to the baby’s skin, such as redness, itching, peeling, dry cracks, etc. Next let’s learn what to pay attention to when caring for your baby’s skin in winter.

1. Chapped lips and peeling

In winter, most of the baby’s lips are especially dry, and the baby likes to lick his lips with his tongue, but the water in saliva is easy to evaporate, and the residual protein will aggravate the situation of dryness. Therefore, parents should correct the habit of the baby in time. At ordinary times, be sure to give your baby plenty of water and fruit, and smear your lip balm in time.

2. Dry and red skin

Even in winter, babies like to play outdoors. Can take the baby to go out the most afraid of cold and dry wind, even if the baby with a mask hat, go out to shake a circle back, small face red. So when you take your baby out in the winter, you must not forget to put a moisturizing cream on your baby’s face as a protective screen. After taking a bath for your baby, you should also apply special skin care products to TA to prevent skin chaps.

3. Red ass

The weather is getting colder and colder, the baby also put on the thick cotton padded clothes and trousers, and the whole body is covered more tightly. Because of too many clothes, it’s troublesome to change diapers, and worry that the baby is frozen. Many parents will always let the baby wear diapers, or forget to change them in time when the urine is wet. Airtight and stuffy will cause the baby’s red buttocks more easily, and the baby is very uncomfortable.

Parents must remember to change their baby’s diapers in time to keep their little butts clean and dry, so that they are no longer afraid of red butts.

4. Indoor drying

Because of the cold weather, most families use heating and air conditioning for a long time, which makes the originally dry air more dry, the indoor humidity is lower, and the baby’s skin is naturally more likely to dry and crack due to dryness. And the dry air is very suitable for the spread of virus and bacteria, and the resistance of the baby is relatively poor, which is easy to cause cold, fire and breathing problems. If the humidifier is used in the room, the problem of indoor drying can be alleviated. Of course, don’t forget to open the window frequently to let the air circulate.


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