Whenever their baby cries endlessly, the father will always feel that sitting is not the same as standing, and he is in a panic about how to deal with it. At this time, it may be the easiest way to hand over the baby to the mother. However, if you don’t want to feel lost in front of your mother and want to appease the crying baby, you must learn the exclusive appeasement methods of the eight dads and save a lot of things for your mothers.

1. Gently touch the baby with your nose

Dad can gently touch the baby with his nose. Sometimes, he can also gently rub his nose against the baby’s face. These strange little moves can make the baby feel strange. When the baby’s curiosity comes up, any bad temper and little discomfort will escape and disappear.

2. Try to hold the baby up

The father can let the baby try his strength. At this time, the father can hold the baby tightly and sway. Most babies like the feeling of being tightly wrapped, which makes them feel warm and safe. At the same time, it can also make the baby feel the love of his father.

3. Use dad’s thick throat

If the baby is crying, the father can talk to the baby, sing songs, or simply read a paragraph of your work plan to him. When the baby suddenly hears a thick voice that is different from the mother’s gentle female voice, the baby will be surprised and blink and stop crying.

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Page 1: gently touch the baby with your nose

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Page 3: hold the baby in a strange position


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