1. Baby’s small face

The baby’s facial skin is very smooth and delicate. However, due to the thin skin and immature development, there are still problems such as small rash or dryness occasionally. For these phenomena, Dr. Pei Rensheng said that there is no need to worry too much, because small and white miliary rash can often be seen on the baby’s face, which usually does not need special treatment and will disappear after a few weeks.

Observation focus: abnormal skin

If you find abnormal skin problems on your baby’s face, you must not handle it yourself. Consult your doctor first to see if you need treatment, or to keep your face clean according to your doctor’s advice, and to use the lotion to take care of the baby’s face.

Cleaning method

Gently wipe the baby’s small face and eyebrows, including the neck, with a dry gauze towel (or towel). If your baby’s skin is dry, you can apply some refreshing skin care lotion after washing or bathing.

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Page 1: cleaning baby’s face

Page 2: cleaning baby’s eyes

Page 3: cleaning baby’s ears

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