Mothers know the benefits of breast milk nutrition, not only can improve the baby’s resistance, so that the baby is not easy to get sick, even the baby’s IQ can be improved! This is because breast milk is rich in DHA nutrients have a positive impact on the baby’s intelligence, visual development.

DHA is an unsaturated fatty acid which plays an important role in the brain and retina development of fetuses and infants. DHA can promote the development of baby’s brain tissue, help to improve the cognitive ability of things and coordinate the baby’s language ability, but also to maintain the healthy development of the baby’s visual nerve. Scientific data show that the higher the DHA content in breast milk, the more beneficial the baby’s brain and intellectual development, and this effect is lifelong.

In most cases, the DHA content in breast milk is enough to meet the needs of the baby. Breastfeeding babies generally do not have to supplement DHA alone. So how should DHA be added to the weaning baby?

1. Get from everyday food.

For babies who have entered the supplementary diet stage, it is recommended to try to ensure DHA intake through the daily diet. DHA rich foods include fish and shrimps, whether fresh water or fresh water fish or shrimp. In addition, the content of DHA in egg yolk is not small, but also peanuts, sesame, linseed oil, mustard oil are provided to convert DHA raw materials.

It is worth noting that in the process of trying these foods, should follow the process from less to more, to pay special attention to whether the baby will have allergic reactions. In the process of making supplementary food should be as easy to chew, good digestion, baby gastrointestinal delicate, especially animal protein can not be eaten too much at once, otherwise easy to aggravate the burden on the baby’s intestines and stomach.

2, nutrition supplements can also be relaxed.

But some baby preference makes the mother very headache, diet too single, such as animal protein intake too little, or fish and shrimp allergy baby, are easy to lead to DHA intake insufficient, can consider adding DHA nutritional supplements as a supplement.

3. Choose mother and infant products containing DHA components.

Some breast-fed babies are still eating formula milk, mother in the choice of formula milk containing DHA is undoubtedly a good choice, to ensure nutritional intake, but also easier for the baby to absorb.

For babies of relatively small age, mothers can also choose rice noodles containing DHA by introducing supplementary food, or even cooking with DHA-rich walnut oil in the daily cooking of babies.

Here’s a reminder to all babies, oh, DHA is an indispensable nutrient in the baby’s brain, but mothers can not blindly pursue high content, can not blindly follow the trend. Nutrition supplement should be moderate, and it should be judged according to the way of feeding and physical condition of the baby. Generally speaking, there is no need to add extra breastfeeding or DHA formula powder.


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