As the saying goes, the baby is good, the mother does not worry. But, in daily life, there are many mothers who often do things that hurt the baby’s appearance. For example, incorrect breast-feeding posture, improper sleeping posture

So, if you want your baby to have a high face value, don’t do the following five things!

1. Incorrect feeding posture

The correct feeding posture can promote the normal development of the baby’s upper and lower teeth, while the wrong feeding posture will not only affect the normal development of the baby’s teeth, but also play a wrong role in guiding the growth of the baby’s teeth. For example, it can cause the deformity of the baby’s teeth and jaw development, and even affect the baby’s appearance and oral cavity in serious cases.

Therefore, mothers should pay attention to breast-feeding posture. Of course, in addition to adjusting the breast-feeding posture, the mother can also choose a comfortable breast-feeding pillow for herself, which can not only reduce the fatigue of both hands, but also effectively avoid the baby choking.

2. Use hard pillow for a long time

After 6 months, the ratio of head to body changes gradually. At this time, mothers will start to let the baby use pillows. However, many mothers think that sleeping hard pillow is good for fixing the baby’s head shape. Well, is that true? Of course not!

Let the baby use hard pillow for a long time, and keep a sleeping posture, it is easy to make the baby head deformation, affect the head beauty.

Therefore, if you want your baby to have a good-looking head shape, you should not only use the side sleeping position with timely alternation on both sides, but also choose a suitable soft and hard pillow made of pure cotton cloth for your baby.

3. Let the baby drink milk to sleep

Many babies will fall asleep while drinking milk. As everyone knows, if you let your baby sleep while drinking milk for a long time, the residual milk in the mouth is easy to produce bacteria, which will not only form dental caries and affect the facial appearance, but also produce pulpitis, periodontal abscess and other symptoms in serious cases.

Therefore, it is suggested that mothers should drink a few mouthfuls of warm boiled water for their babies after breast-feeding; if the baby has fallen asleep, mothers can choose special cleaning fingertips to clean the baby’s mouth carefully.

4. The food given to the baby is too fine

In the baby’s long teeth stage, some mothers will worry about the baby’s teeth chewing ability is insufficient, usually cut food into small pieces or broken. But in fact, the food given to the baby is too fine, which is more harmful to the baby’s teeth.

Because in the baby’s long teeth stage, teeth need a certain amount of grinding, too fine or softened food not only let the teeth lose a better chance of exercise, but also lead to slow growth of teeth.

Therefore, if you want your baby to have a beautiful row of teeth, your mother can give your baby some hard vegetables or fruits, such as carrots and apples.

In addition, the mother can also give the baby choose delicious and nutritious molars, so that the baby in the long teeth stage, better exercise teeth chewing ability.

5. Let your baby eat your fingers at will

Most mothers don’t care about “eating” their fingers, and even think that occasionally biting their fingers is not a big problem.

However, due to the pressure on the baby’s fingers, the upper and lower rows of teeth are prone to become narrow arch, protruding upper front teeth and open lips.

Therefore, in the face of the baby’s “eat” finger phenomenon, the mother might as well prepare a pacifier for the baby, which can not only effectively pacify the baby’s mood, but also replace the baby’s “eat” finger habit.

Well, after reading the above content, will you continue to do these things? I believe the answer of all mothers must be no! Therefore, in order to raise a high-quality baby, in addition to relying on genes, the later “care” is also very important!


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