After four months of maternity leave, I went to work. It’s not a problem in my family who will take the children. Grandma and grandma form a team during the day. Dad and mother stay on night shift. Grandpa interweaves funny flowers. The community is either brought by an old man or a full-time mother. The huge team like my family is unique. For a while, I was very embarrassed. It seems that my mother would not like to take her own children. I don’t know if I would like to serve Huazhong full-time at home.

Who will take the children? I checked them online today. Relevant materials show that with the development of society, the concept of child-rearing is constantly updated. Because of the special situation of “only child”, young parents pay more attention to cultivating their children’s independence and social adaptability. However, in the West, a return to authenticity is prevailing. Some of the parenting concepts we are learning and applying have been subverted. People seem to have returned to the traditional society. Children can no longer sleep alone, refuse to use diapers, encourage parents to hold more children, and so on. This is because people find that some traditional parenting concepts can give children more comfort.

Surveys show that in addition to carefully cared for by mothers, children with elder involvement in all aspects of intellectual development are superior to those only cared for by mothers. Although young mothers have many irreplaceable advantages in caring for their children, such as newer concepts, there are opportunities for older children to contact more people, and older people have more experience in caring for their children and more patience with their children. These factors have better stimulating effects on children’s physical and intellectual development, especially in language development and opposition to the outside world. Ability. Older babies are seldom alone except sleeping, and have many opportunities to communicate with many people. This can better promote the development of babies’language and social abilities, and they can also get more caress. You know, caressing is just like spiritual nutrition, which can help children develop their intelligence quotient and emotional quotient better.

Of course, there are also some shortcomings in taking care of children by the elderly, such as excessive spoiling, excessive care and so on. This parenting style may cause some other problems, such as wayward children, few sports opportunities and affect the development of children’s sports ability, but these problems as long as they are correctly understood and properly handled, will avoid these negative effects, while the benefits of the participation of older people in taking care of children are obvious.

How about parenting every other generation? People have been arguing for a long time. Studies have shown that the risk of injuries to a child can be reduced by half when the child is placed in the care of a grandparent, compared with when the mother takes care of the child in person and in a nursery. On the one hand, the elderly have more experience in child-rearing, they have a stronger ability to predict the safety of children, think ahead of the children to different age groups, what problems may arise. For example, children who can just walk will run around and may go into the kitchen and get burned. Therefore, the elderly are better than the younger parents in the prevention of accidents. On the other hand, the elderly will devote more energy to the care of their children and care more carefully.

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Page 1: Debating: Who will take the children?

Page 2: How much is it good for the elderly to take their children by mistake?

Page 3: Expert Dialysis: Notes for the Elderly to Take Children


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