Bao Ma chatted and always talked about the baby’s red buttocks. This is a lot of baby problems, but the causes of red buttocks and symptoms are different, Bao mothers want to alleviate the baby’s red buttocks symptoms, you need to know the cause of red buttocks and then the right medicine.

What is the baby’s red buttock?

Baby’s red buttock is also called “diaper rash” or “diaper rash” in medicine. The main reason is that the buttock skin is moist for a long time, sultry, fecal and urine irritants will cause skin damage and small buttocks red, diaper replacement is not timely, physiological diarrhea or breast milk diarrhea, allergies and so on will let the baby out. Now the red buttock symptom.

Two, baby red buttocks how to do

1, keep your baby dry and dry.

In the case of temperature or room temperature conditions allow, may as well pad diapers under the baby’s buttocks, so that the baby’s buttocks fully exposed to the air or sunlight, 2-3 times a day, 10-20 minutes each time, so that the baby’s red buttocks symptoms can be alleviated.

2, change diapers in time.

If the baby’s buttocks are not wet and stick to the urine for a long time, the baby’s buttocks will easily become red buttocks. Then the baby’s mother has to keep the baby’s buttocks complex, dry and change diapers in time, not just mechanically follow the fixed 8-hour replacement, but should be replaced in time according to the actual situation.

3, apply the cream to your baby.

If the baby’s skin flush and rash symptoms, you can use some special baby ointment, in the application of oils and ointments, cotton swabs sticking on the skin gently rolling, avoid brushing up and down, in order to avoid aggravating pain and causing peeling.

4, alert baby allergic constitution

Some baby lactose intolerance or a variety of reasons leading to diarrhea, such as feces and urine irritants will also make small buttocks red, or baby allergic constitution, parents use more chemical fiber components of diapers, or often use some of the ingredients containing irritant cleanser will also lead to baby red buttocks.

5. Wash your baby regularly.

Babies mainly breast milk or milk powder food, urine stains and fecal stains contain milk or milk oil, it is difficult to wash with clean water or dry towel clean, resulting in red buttocks. Therefore, Bao Ma should pay attention to washing baby’s small fart, and use baby’s special wet towel when necessary.

Therefore, in the final analysis, the baby’s red buttock skin is a long time wet, sultry, fecal and urine irritation caused by the symptoms of discomfort, Baoma in daily life a little attention and symptomatic medicine, you can ease, so that the baby’s healthy and happy growth is not difficult!


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