Can baby allergy be prevented? The answer is yes. Allergies can be prevented or delayed. It can be divided into two aspects: controlling environment and improving internal constitution.

(1) control the humidity of the environment

It is easy for bacteria to breed in humid environment, and the barrier effect of nasal mucosa is not good if it is too dry. 50% humidity is suitable. In summer, do not blow cold air all night or in and out of the air-conditioned room, but put basin water in the room to increase humidity.

(2) reduce the dust in the bedroom

Keep the indoor environment clean, wipe with wet cloth frequently, and change the bedding, quilt cover and pillow case for children frequently.

(3) avoid contact with irritants

Mosquito repellent incense, smoke, perfume, insecticide and other volatile substances should be avoided as far as possible. Indoor use of high-efficiency air filter can purify the air. Avoid going to places with blooming flowers, especially in windy weather.

(4) diet health care

Call on mothers to breastfeed, breastfeeding can significantly reduce the production of allergies. Breastfeeding is best maintained until six months. General baby in four months or so to add complementary food, allergic baby six months later to add. If the intestinal absorption is still unstable and easy to vomit at the age of six months, the time of adding complementary food should be prolonged. In addition, the infant diet should be light, and the seasoning and pigment should be reduced as much as possible.

(5) moderate exercise

Infant sleep should not be covered too tightly, a little older children can appropriately increase the amount of outdoor exercise, but should avoid playing full of sweat. Sweating is also one of the causes of allergies.


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