When the baby eats infant milk powder, if he doesn’t wipe the milk on his face in time, his small face will be easy to get sick. How to treat milk sickness? Dietotherapy is safer. Mothers can try it.

Loach soup

Take 30g of fresh loach, wash it and put it into water for decoction, then take out the soup and mix it with salt, which is suitable for babies with serious symptoms of milk ringworm.

Vegetable paste soup

Take an appropriate amount of fresh cabbage, carrot and cabbage respectively, wash them and cut them into small pieces, put them into the pot, add water and cook for about 15 minutes, then take them out and mash them into mud and take them with salt; Vegetable soup can be adjusted with some children’s honey and can be drunk at any time. This little recipe has the effect of dispelling dampness and relieving itching.

Towel gourd soup

Take about 30g of fresh towel gourd, cut it into small pieces, put it in a pot with water to cook soup, add salt to taste after cooked, let the baby drink soup, and eat the towel gourd, which is more suitable for babies with milk ringworm exudation.

Mung bean Lily soup

Take about 30 grams of mung beans and lilies, and cook the soup according to the usual methods. After the beans are cooked, drink them together with the residue and soup, which can reduce the itching of the baby with ringworm milk.


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