Top 1: The most common skin problem in winter with dry and cracked lips

Lip dryness is the result of dry weather, increased evaporation of lip moisture, and inability to replenish it in a timely manner. Especially when the body resistance of young babies is low and there is a lack of multiple vitamins in the body, the cells on the skin of the lips are prone to apoptosis, forming fine vertical cracks, leading to dry and cracked lips. In severe cases, it can affect the dermis of the baby’s lip skin, leading to the rupture of capillaries and the occurrence of lip bleeding.

Preventive measures: Feed more water appropriately and supplement multiple vitamins and water by consuming more vegetables and fruits. For those who have already dried and cracked, stop the child from licking and sucking their lips with their tongue, and seek medical attention in a timely manner. Children’s special lipstick can be properly applied.

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