Babies sometimes cry and feel uneasy. Don’t think it’s just the baby hungry. It may also be the reason for sweating and drying. Maybe, the prickles on the baby’s body or on his little buttocks have already grown up! _________

Prickly heat favours your baby most

Recently, Mama Mai complained: “wheat is lively and active, skipping every day, all the time, last night when she took a bath, she found that her neck, chest, front and back are long prickles, looking at her from time to time to scratch, I am really distressed and annoyed. I don’t know how to keep the baby from getting prickly?

Answer: Pimples are the most common skin problem for babies. When they are exposed to high temperature and humidity, babies secrete sweat. If sweat is not excreted properly, it will stimulate skin prickles. In addition, the baby’s body metabolism is strong, very easy to sweat, sweat and did not dry in time, resulting in sweat pore blockage, inducing prickles. Therefore, the key to keeping the baby from being harassed by prickly heat is nursing.

How to prevent prickly heat?

In fact, the key to prevent prickly rash is nursing. Parents can prevent prickly rash in the following ways.

1. Creating a Comfortable Environment for Babies

Some parents feel that they can’t let their babies stay in too cool environment, dare not turn on the air conditioner, and strangle their children’s right to enjoy the cool. Actually, the electric fan can blow against the wall, and the air conditioner can adjust the temperature between 25 and 28 degrees Celsius (within 5 to 10 degrees Celsius) as long as the wind does not blow directly to the child’s body. If there are no fans and air conditioners in the house, at least ventilate the room or carry the child outdoors in a cool, ventilated place, so that the child can enjoy a little cool.

2. Choose light cotton clothes for babies

It’s very important to choose clothes for babies in summer. Cotton clothes with good air permeability and moisture absorption should be chosen. In addition, do not overdress the baby, avoid sweating, and do not strip the baby naked, in order to avoid direct skin irritation. Mothers may as well choose bamboo fiber clothes with better air permeability for their babies. In addition, we should pay attention to washing, changing clothes frequently, pillow towels, pillowcases and other baby’s close clothing to prevent infection.

3. Supplement more water to babies

Babies sweat a lot in summer, to add more water to the baby, can give the baby more water, light fruit juice, vegetable soup and so on, diet to eat light digestible food, eat less greasy and stimulating food.

2. Keep baby’s skin clean

Keeping your skin clean is nothing more than bathing your child in summer, wiping him dry in time when you see him sweating, and keeping his skin dry. In order to avoid long prickles, you can put some Liushen Qupi Dew in the baby’s bath water, which is especially refreshing and refreshing, and can effectively prevent the occurrence of prickles. This kind of essence is made of six gods, Han grass and young protecting prescription. It is made up of six kinds of herbs including Radix heterophylla, pearl, honeysuckle, peppermint, Phellodendron amurense and Fructus Corni, and the essence of patchouli, Glycyrrhiza uralensis and Ophiopogon japonicus can effectively prevent prickly heat, relieve prickly heat, relieve cold and relieve itching, and alleviate the discomfort of baby’s skin caused by mosquito bites.

If you are outdoors, you can also directly apply Liushen Qupi Concentrate to your baby, which can effectively dispel prickles, quickly relieve itching, and at the same time, it is cool and comfortable.


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