The so-called difference between men and women, because of the different body structure, Nanbao and nvbao will have great differences in body care.

Especially for female babies, body features and private parts should be taken care of in a scientific way to avoid unnecessary harm to the baby.

1. Nipple enlargement and lactation? Never squeeze!

There is a folk practice of squeezing nipples for new-born girls. It is believed that the nipples should be squeezed as soon as possible after the baby is born, otherwise the nipples will be sunken when they grow up, which will affect the development and beauty of breasts.

Therefore, many mothers have to work hard to squeeze the baby’s nipples.

In fact, this is a temporary physiological phenomenon. Whether nubao or Nanbao, 3-5 days after birth, because of the sudden decline of maternal estrogen and progesterone, breast enlargement and even a small amount of lactation may occur.

Generally 2-3 weeks can disappear naturally, remember not to carry out any treatment, especially do not hot compress, massage, extrusion. This will hurt the baby.

If there is a small amount of lactation, wet cotton swab can be wiped off.

2. Scrub your ass? Don’t get in the wrong direction!

It is understood that common diseases in infants, urinary tract infection, nvbao recruit the majority. Why?

Because the particularity of female baby lies in, urethral orifice and labia, anus are relatively close, and are open, if not cleaned in time after defecation, or improper nursing methods, urine will be very polluted and infected with urethral orifice.

Therefore, two points should be paid attention to when scrubbing baby girl’s ass

From top to bottom, from front to back. Never up and down to wipe back, this is simply to promote bacteria running around.

Throw away one tissue from another. Don’t break one side and wipe it again. It can’t be seen by naked eyes, but bacteria can penetrate into it.

3. Secretions in private places? Do not over wash!

There are female treasures at home. Careful mothers will find that the baby’s private parts sometimes have white secretions. They always think that they are not clean, so they should be scrubbed again and again.

In fact, it’s not right to over clean!

Studies have shown that: these secretions contain bactericidal and bacteriostatic substances. They act as a natural barrier to protect the baby’s vulnerable pudendal skin and mucosa. They are not only harmless, but also can resist bacterial invasion.

Therefore, do not care clean, resulting in local mucosal damage.

Rinse with running warm water every day, and then wipe gently with a clean soft towel.

4. Adhesion of labia minora? Don’t rush to separate!

Physical examination found that the baby’s labia adhesion, many parents will feel panic, think what serious disease, hope to deal with as soon as possible.

But in fact, this is a common physiological phenomenon caused by estrogen levels.

Experts said: many girls have varying degrees of labia minora adhesion, but only a few babies will have symptoms (urination, urinary tract infection, etc.).

Parents should observe whether the baby has difficulty urinating, if not, continue to observe, do not need to deal with temporarily. As the baby grows up, it will eliminate itself and heal without medicine. But to avoid every urination with wet paper towel wipe, every day with warm water rinse vulva enough.

In addition, do not use too strong stimulation to baby bath products, but also pay attention to change diapers frequently, keep private clean and dry.


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