The baby has a fever. Many parents, especially the old people at home, think that the first thing they want to do is to let their children cover their hands and sweat, so as to get rid of the fever. But this is unscientific. The baby has a fever, and cooling is the key. If your baby has a fever, be sure to pay attention to the following points.

1. Don’t wear too thick for sleeping in summer

The baby itself is relatively weak in constitution and poor in resistance, and it is more likely to get sick in summer. Prevention and health care doctors pointed out that the hot weather in summer, bacteria are more active, more likely to invade the baby. In addition, hot baby is prone to poor appetite and sleep, which will also affect the resistance of the baby, and more easily lead to illness.

Experts especially stressed that some babies are particularly easy to catch cold in summer, so we should pay attention to strengthen nursing. For example, when sleeping, the baby who likes to kick the quilt, the temperature drops in the later midnight, and the baby who kicks the quilt completely is most likely to catch cold. Therefore, it is recommended that parents should not let the baby sleep in thick pajamas. It is better to wear small underpants and vest to sleep. Baobao sleeps soundly, so he doesn’t like to kick the quilt so much. In addition, the baby after exercise due to sweating more, also need special care, pay attention to dry the sweat, otherwise it is easy to catch cold and fever.


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