Nasal cavity is the main channel for babies to breathe. It can moisten and filter the inhaled air to maintain their health. But the baby prone to the following five kinds of nasal congestion, leading to poor ventilation.

I. nasal obstruction caused by cold

Because the baby’s temperature regulation center is not very perfect, the nasal mucosa is tender and weak, the respiratory resistance is poor, easy to catch a cold. Subsequently, the nasal mucosa developed acute edema, causing nasal congestion【 Details]

Symptoms: nasal congestion, runny nose, slightly red on both sides of the nose, some with fever.

Prevention and control measures:

1. About half a month after birth, the baby began to supplement cod liver oil appropriately; 4 months to add complementary food, supplement vitamin A, can feed some liver mud, carrot mud, vegetable mud, enhance the defense ability of respiratory tract.

2. When using the air conditioner, the difference between the indoor and outdoor temperature should not be too big, and the baby’s room should be about 28-30 ℃. 3. Put a warm wet towel on the baby’s nose for hot compress (not too hot), twice a day, about 15 minutes each time.

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Page 1: nasal obstruction caused by cold page 2: nasal obstruction caused by acute sinusitis page 3: obstruction caused by nasal scab

Page 4: foreign body blockage page 5: nasal obstruction caused by allergic rhinitis

Page 1: nasal congestion caused by cold

Page 2: nasal congestion caused by acute sinusitis

Page 3: obstruction caused by nasal callus

Page 4: foreign matter blockage

Page 5: nasal obstruction caused by allergic rhinitis


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