“Why does my baby have such a big stomach? Is there anything wrong with it?” “Doctor, my child often has flatulence and knocks on his stomach. Is there any way to improve it?” I believe that many mothers have encountered such problems. If your baby’s abdomen is protruding, there will be a hollow sound when knocking. At the same time, vomiting, farting and other phenomena indicate that the baby is distended. What is the cause of baby’s abdominal distension? How does darling abdomen bilge do? Don’t worry, eliminate the baby’s flatulence. I have 5 tips to get rid of it!

There are reasons for baby’s abdominal distension

Generally speaking, a baby’s belly is bigger than that of an adult, and it looks bulging. That’s because the baby’s abdominal muscles are not mature, but they have to accommodate as many internal organs as adults. When the abdominal muscles do not have enough strength to bear, the abdomen will be more prominent, especially when the baby is held, the abdomen will appear protruding and sagging. In addition, the front and back of the baby’s body is round, not slightly flat like adults, which is one of the reasons why the belly looks bloated.

In addition to the above reasons, another common cause of baby’s abdominal distention is that babies are more prone to flatulence than adults. The causes of flatulence mainly include the following aspects:

1. The baby eats and sucks too fast, which makes the air inhaled in the abdomen, especially when the baby is hungry for too long before feeding milk.

2. The size of the nipple hole of the bottle is not appropriate, which causes the air to enter the baby’s body through the gap of the nipple.

3. The baby cries excessively.

4. The milk or other food inhaled is fermented by intestinal bacteria and other digestive enzymes in the digestive tract to produce a large amount of gas.

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Page 1: reasons for baby’s abdominal distention page 2: how to help baby “eliminate Qi”

Page 3: I have 5 ways to prevent baby flatulence!

Page 1: there are reasons for baby’s abdominal distention

Page 2: how to help your baby “eliminate Qi”

Page 3: I have 5 ways to prevent baby flatulence!


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