As the temperature climbs, the clothes on the baby are getting less and less. Many moms and dads are worried about the heatstroke of the baby. Naturally, the less the baby wears, the better, so as not to get out of the throat. In fact, summer is a special season, and the baby needs to pay special attention to dressing.

Baby clothes should pay attention to the selection of materials

The baby's sweat glands are exuberant, and the energy is full, and the bright sun can't stop the baby's sports enthusiasm. The baby is so sweaty that the clothes must be breathable, sweat-absorbent and quickly release moisture.

In general, it is recommended to wear cotton clothes in summer. In addition to pure cotton material, linen material can also be considered. Linen is also a very popular material for summer. It is not as soft and comfortable, breathable and refreshing, and has excellent heat dissipation properties. It also dries quickly after sweating.

Usually dressing should be flexible

Summer is a very big season of "temperature difference", which is not only the temperature difference between morning and evening, but more importantly, the temperature difference between air-conditioned rooms and outdoor areas. The baby's skin's ability to adapt to changes in temperature difference is still weak. Mom and Dad should pay attention to the increase or decrease of clothes in time to prevent the baby from getting cold or scorpion.

In general, the amount of exercise for babies within 1 year of age is naturally small, and it is necessary to wear more when going out at home or at home. Babies over the age of 1 can have their own activities everywhere, the scope of exploration is relatively large, the amount of exercise is rising, naturally it is easier to sweat, clothes can be worn relatively cool. In the morning and perfect, it will generally be cooler. When going out, it is best to add a thin coat to the baby to avoid catching cold. If the baby is outdoors during the day, wear it properly.

In the air-conditioned room, if the baby is sleeping, parents should remember to cover the baby with a towel or blanket, especially the small belly to protect the baby from cold and diarrhea. In summer, the baby is not recommended to “naked sleep”, so be sure to pay attention to the warmth of key parts.

When indoors, try not to let the little baby play with bare feet on the ground, especially in the air-conditioned room, it is best to put on the baby's small socks, because the baby's feet are more sensitive to temperature, it is easy to get cold. The baby in the air-conditioned room is dressed in short cotton sleeves and cropped trousers.

Don’t be too "cool" in everyday clothes

In the summer, many parents will let the little baby run around with his ass. This way, the baby is really cool enough and feels more comfortable. However, the current temperature and ultraviolet light cannot be compared with before. When going out, if the baby is too little to wear, and does not pay attention to sunscreen, so delicate skin is sunburned.

In the skin of a baby, the development of melanocytes used to block ultraviolet rays is not yet mature. Therefore, if the outdoor activities take a long time, if the baby is wearing too cool "naked", the skin is easy to tan, sunburn, and thus will become rough, and even skin diseases such as redness, pain, swelling and photoallergies.

When going out during the day, we can use the umbrella with our baby. Wear a light-colored long-sleeved shirt jacket for your baby to play a better sunscreen. At the same time, you can also take a wide-brimmed sun visor to block direct UV rays and protect your baby's skin and eyes.

In addition, the appearance of the baby's bare butt is cute, but if you sit around like this often, there will be many health hazards. If you are at home, we must pay attention to scrubbing the floor, stools, etc., especially where the baby likes to sit, must pay attention to cleanliness. Especially for female babies, especially to pay attention to hygiene, it is better to wear a small inner.


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