In recent days, the temperature, like a rocket up, I feel the world’s most pleasant words is “where cool where to stay” This is not true. The babies are so hot that they just changed their clothes. They come back from playing twice. They are wet again. It’s very common to change 7 or 8 pieces a day.

In other words, why can’t babies bear more heat than adults in the same weather?

There are two reasons——

1. The development of the baby’s autonomic nervous system is not perfect. The baby’s ability of adaptation and regulation to cold and heat is poor. When the temperature rises, it is often easier to sweat than the adult.

2. The baby has a high water content, a more vigorous metabolism than the adult. In addition, the baby has a large amount of activity and generates more calories, so it will sweat frequently.

As long as the baby is full of energy and normal growth and development, don’t guess – is the baby short of calcium? Is the baby “physically deficient” In most cases, babies like to sweat, which is influenced by physiological factors.

So, baby love sweating, how to deal with it?

Often sweating, baby’s clothes are easy to be wet with sweat. In order to prevent cold, it is necessary to change clothes frequently. In addition, parents can try the following ways:

1. Use diaphragms for babies and replace them when they are wet.

2. Wear the baby’s light and breathable clothes, and you can choose quick drying clothes when you go out.

3. For outdoor activities, use sunshade hat and umbrella with sun protection index for baby.

4. Try to avoid going out at 11:00-16:00.

5. Replenish the baby with water in time.

6. During indoor activities, use air conditioner, fan, etc. to reduce the room temperature.

7. If necessary, take a warm bath for the baby.

8. Don’t put too much on your baby at night. Loose, comfortable and breathable pajamas are the best choice.

9. Use the mat for the baby.

10. Properly reduce the amount of activity before the baby goes to bed.

Special reminder: many people (especially the older generation) will feel that their children’s resistance is poor, and they will wear more covers for their children. In fact, many children are easy to catch cold in summer, not because of catching cold, but because of cold and hot, such as——

Children wear too much cover, sweat wet clothes, but did not change in time, which is easy to cause cold;

Or, turn on the air conditioner or turn off the air conditioner. If the child’s temperature cannot keep up with it, he will get the trick right away

Therefore, if we want our children to live safely in summer, some old ideas must be changed. It’s not terrible for children to change 7 or 8 clothes a day, and they’re not comfortable, which is terrible.


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