Summer is coming, and the heat is coming. Facing the baby just born, how can the new father and new mother let the baby survive this summer? The weather is so hot, can the baby use the air conditioner? Can you take the baby out to breathe fresh air? The first summer after birth is a severe test for the baby, not only to withstand the heat, but also to resist mosquito bites. So, how to let the baby spend the summer safely?

It’s neither hot nor cold. However, parents can relax, as long as there is a plan to keep the baby cool and protect the baby’s immunity, it can make the baby live safely in summer. Of course, it’s important for parents to do enough homework.

1. Comfortable to wear

The baby’s skin is very delicate, and the ability to adapt to the environment is poor. Many mothers worry that the baby is prone to upper respiratory diseases and gastrointestinal diseases. When dressing the baby, they adhere to the principle of “more is better than less”, for fear that the baby will catch cold. In fact, in the hot season, it’s OK for the baby to wear appropriate clothes. To help the baby sweat effectively is one of the effective ways to make the baby feel cool.

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Page 1: cool for baby

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Page 3: give your baby a refreshing environment

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