2-Step Learning Ability of 0-2-year-old Babies

Phase 1: 0-4 months, physical contact

Children at this stage need physical contact, love and warmth. If the mother can breast-feed at this time, laughing, talking, singing, and touching the eyes of the child can increase the intimacy between parents and children.

Stage 2: 5-6 months, exposure to environment

Continue to give love and care to your baby and hug him often. If he is unhappy, the caregiver should respond. At the same time, the baby can lie on the ground to practice raising his head and enhance his visual ability. Hanging a rotating windmill about 30 to 40 centimeters from the left of the baby’s head, which is composed of spheres of several colors or animal toys of different colors, can help the baby concentrate and learn to track objects with the eyes, which is very important for the development of reading ability in the future.


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