The dry and windy winter is a severe test for many babies. Baby’s tender and tender skin cannot withstand stimulation, with cracked skin, peeling lips, chilblains, etc., which makes parents feel anxious and distressed. So how should parents take good care of their baby’s skin?

The first way to know why

The weather has gradually entered the cold, winter has unknowingly entered our lives. “The baby’s skin is very fragile, and her small face is often frozen one by one, sometimes bleeding, which is so heartbreaking.”. However, to solve the problem, it is necessary to recognize that now I will explain why babies’ faces are prone to redness and cracking in winter!

No 1: Skin is thin and tender

Everyone says that a baby’s skin is delicate, which is actually true. A baby’s skin thickness is only 1/3 that of an adult, so any stimulation can cause discomfort to the baby’s skin, such as changes in climate, clothing thickness, and materials, which can cause damage to the baby’s skin.

No 2: Low sebum secretion

The total sebum content of a newborn baby is quite similar to that of an adult, but due to the low secretion of sebaceous glands, the total sebum content of the baby decreases rapidly after birth, which is related to the small number of sweat glands in the baby and the absence of sebaceous secretory particles in the cells. By the time of one month of birth, the total sebum content has decreased to 20% of its original level, and the original “protective cover” gradually disappears, making it easy to become dry and rough.


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