Nowadays, many novice mothers are born after 85. Faced with the arrival of the little life after zero, many parents are a little caught by surprise. Influenced by traditional concepts, they just listen to the parenting experience of the older generation, or search some unreasonable parenting experience online by themselves. Next, I take my mothers to check some of the ideas that novice mothers are liable to be deceived. Other mothers must pay more attention to life.

No. 1 rookie mother: “candle pack” can prevent frightened, “O” legs and “X” legs.

Some mothers think that using the so-called “candle bag” is to wrap the baby tightly, so as not to let the baby’s hands and feet move randomly, so as to avoid the baby from being frightened by strangers, but also to prevent the deformation of legs.

I remind you that this method completely limits the baby’s activities, is not conducive to the body and intellectual development, but also induces hip dislocation, making the future walking gait abnormal.

No. 2 rookie Mom: the higher the growth index, the better.

Some novice mothers believe that the higher the baby’s development index, the better, and preferably higher than the standard, the smarter and stronger the baby.

I remind you: whether growth and development is normal or not requires a correct assessment of the criteria, which can identify the existing health risks, and early prevention and treatment. At present, World Health Organization Reference Value and Evaluation Criteria for Children’s Height and Weight are used in many countries for 0-6-year-old babies.

Baby growth and development indicators are not the higher the better, if the weight is higher than the normal standard, it may be obesity, for later development into diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease buried hidden dangers. The height of the baby is obviously greater than the normal standard.

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Page 1: “Candle bag” can prevent fright Page 2: Night molars are “nutritious” breakfast with parasites in the stomach Page 3: Milk + eggs

Fourth page: the body temperature is above 37 degrees, indicating that the baby is ill. Fifth pages: wear gloves for newborn babies.

First page: “candle pack” can prevent panic.

Second page: molars at night are parasites in the stomach.

Third page: milk + egg “nutrition fan” Breakfast

Fourth page: the body temperature is above 37 degrees, indicating that the baby is sick.

Page fifth: wear gloves for newborn babies.


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