The growth of children is the most obvious and the most gratifying thing for mothers.

The world’s mothers are the same, always can not rest assured of their children, in the growth of each stage there are always stages of worry, mothers in the child-rearing road, especially for the child’s nutritional health, character building and safety concerns, special attention.

Today, I came to chat with Bao Ma, on the road of parenting, things that my mother could not rest assured!

Nutrition and health

Children’s health is always the mother’s greatest concern, so in daily life always do everything possible to give the most comprehensive nutrition, fruits and vegetables, fish, shrimp, all kinds of meat and so on, afraid of eating less like less nutrition.

In fact, milk intake is also very important in the growth stage of children. Previous studies have shown that milk is the best source of calcium, and the proportion of calcium and phosphorus is very suitable for calcium absorption. A high quality milk will help children grow healthily.

Two, character building

Many mothers are always worried that their children are too introverted, isolated, not social, or too naughty, disobedient, become headache bear children, not conducive to future growth and development.

Although part of a child’s personality is affected by genetic factors, acquired training can also have a subtle change in personality, especially the impact of family on children can not be ignored.

Therefore, as parents to transmit some positive energy to children, so that children feel the atmosphere of family happiness, they can become more confident and happy, naturally more lively obedient. Parents usually pay more attention to interaction with their children, reading books, taking their children out to play, outdoor activities, more communication with their children, more understanding of listening and encouragement.

Three, safety concerns

Children are born with a strong desire to explore and are curious about everything that is strange. In addition, the child’s mind is not yet mature, and is particularly vulnerable to the temptation of ill-intentioned people, so it is inevitable that mothers are always worried.

Mother can not always look at the child, to explore interest to encourage and nurture, the baby can develop all aspects of talent. In daily life, mothers need to create complete play and exploration environment for their babies. Usually also consciously cultivate the baby’s safety awareness, such as teaching children to remember their parents’names and phone numbers, family address, do not easily accept the gift of strangers, do not easily leave with strangers, if there is a problem to ask for help in time wearing uniform aunts and uncles, safety drips, should be accumulated from the day-to-day oh.

Baby age is still relatively young, and like to run around, take him out when you can wear a missing bracelet, in case of accidents, and will not reduce the baby’s interest in playing.


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