Baby, smile! “” Our baby is very obedient “… At the Children’s Development Behavior Center of Zhongda Hospital, my grandmother and mother accompanied Doudou (pseudonym) for rehabilitation treatment.

No heartbeat at birth, miracle at 6 months of age

Doudou has big eyes and a round face, occasionally smiling at reporters and even chatting with them when in a good mood. If it weren’t for the staff’s reminder, it would be really hard for reporters to imagine that Doudou was a child who “crawled” out of the “gate of death”. Grandma said, it’s Doudou who is strong. Medical staff said that it was the family’s never giving up that allowed the June child to create two life miracles.

At birth, the heartbeat is completely absent

Doudou came out of her mother’s belly 57 days earlier and weighed only 1030 grams at birth. Doudou’s mother told the reporter that because she was suffering from pregnancy induced hypertension, on May 3, the baby suffered from respiratory distress in utero, and an emergency laparotomy was performed in Nanjing Second Hospital. However, the baby’s oxygen saturation was very low, and his life was in danger at any time. After receiving the transfer notice, the Newborn Care and Treatment Center of Zhongda Hospital quickly rushed to the treatment hospital 30 minutes later and successfully transferred.

According to Chief Physician Li Hailang from the Pediatrics Department of Zhongda Hospital, after diagnosis, in addition to premature birth and extremely low body weight, the child also suffers from severe neonatal hyaline membrane disease, neonatal asphyxia, and severe infection. Experts quickly placed him on a ventilator and established a venous pathway. During this period, Doudou suffered from 5 severe comas, with a weight loss from 1030 grams to 1020 grams. He developed dangerous situations such as respiratory arrest, gastrointestinal bleeding, hypoproteinemia, neonatal necrotizing enterocolitis, cardiopulmonary failure, and abnormal infection indicators. After 14 days of treatment, Doudou finally withdrew from the ventilator treatment.

Grandmother and grandfather come every day to encourage

Ms. Zhang, Doudou’s grandmother, told reporters that Doudou’s mother was their only daughter, and Doudou’s birth made them very happy, but this joy was mixed with too much sadness. For two full months, Doudou had pipes inserted everywhere, and they watched the baby at the ICU entrance every day. They all hold grandchildren, but they can only “see” them every day. They encourage their babies in the ICU every day and tell them to be strong and to come back to life. Although the baby can’t hear it, we talk every day hoping that miracles can happen, “Ms. Zhang said

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