Parents want their children to be healthy, and they always try to improve their children’s immunity. On the turn of various supplements, they also pay attention to the health of their babies. If their hands are dirty, they should wipe them with wet paper towel. However, they don’t know that these behaviors will destroy children’s immunity.

Want to improve your baby’s immunity? Avoid these three misunderstandings first!

✘ if daily disinfection is excessive, wipe hands with wet paper towel

In daily living environment, the presence of a small amount of bacteria is normal, not enough to cause disease, but also very good for the establishment and maturation of children’s intestinal immune function.

Many wet paper towels contain disinfectants such as detergents and bactericides. If you often wipe your hands with wet paper towels, the bacteria on your hands will be wiped off, but the particles of disinfectant will also remain on the children’s hands. In this way, when the children eat their fingers, they will eat the disinfectant.

After disinfectant enters the child’s gastrointestinal tract, the beneficial probiotics in the child’s intestinal tract will also be killed, resulting in intestinal flora imbalance, which will harm the child’s gastrointestinal tract and easily cause diseases.

The correct way to do this is to:

   ✔ Usually pay attention to hygiene, as long as pay attention to conventional ventilation, cleaning can be done clean.

   ✔ Clean ≠ aseptic, parents should not abuse disinfectant, and do not always take wet paper towel to wipe children’s hands!

✘ over nutrition

Now there are many kinds of nutrition for babies, such as calcium, iron, zinc, protein and so on. As long as you hear that you can give your child nutrition, parents are very concerned.

In fact, if excessive nutrition, but will cause children’s trace element metabolism imbalance in the body, the more supplement the more deficient, thus reducing immunity. For example, if you supplement too much calcium, it will affect the absorption of iron, zinc and other elements, you will find that, give the child calcium, after a little time, the child is lack of iron, zinc!

The correct way to do this is to:

   ✔ As long as the baby’s diet is balanced and diverse, breast-feeding babies only need to supplement vitamin D. formula fed babies, as long as the children drink enough milk powder every day, do not need to add any additional nutrients. If you are really worried about what your child lacks, please consult your doctor.

   ✔ In addition, when the baby should add complementary food, it should be added in time. Moreover, complementary food can not always be rice paste, porridge, noodle soup, animal food, vegetables and fruits should also be balanced.

✘ drug abuse

Many families always have BAOYING pill, Jingfeng powder, Houzao powder, Qixing tea, etc. they can be used as long as the baby has a little cold, cough or fire.

In fact, illness is also a process of improving the immune system. Common cold fever and other small problems, usually virus infection, is a self limiting disease, mostly about a week to heal naturally. These small diseases and small pains can stimulate the immune system to mature, so that after the immune system matures, serious diseases can be avoided.

What’s more, we don’t know the properties of drugs. If we use them indiscriminately, we may get adverse reactions and aggravate the disease.

The correct way to do this is to:

   ✔ Parents should not be afraid of baby’s minor illness, medication must consult the doctor, follow the doctor’s advice, symptomatic medication, avoid unnecessary medication.

What method can improve baby immunity after all?

The answer is very simple: the following seven points.

1. Breast feeding: breast milk contains a lot of immune substances, which can increase the baby’s immunity.

2. Balanced nutrition: a healthy three meals a day should take into account Cereals, meat and eggs, milk, vegetables and fruits, eat more fresh food, eat less fried, smoked, too sweet, too cold, overheated food, do not overeat.

3. Enough sleep: when the body is tired, germs are easy to invade. High quality sleep can repair and adjust the immune system and help improve immunity.

4. Regular work and rest: meals are eaten, but three meals are irregular; sleep also goes to bed, but this evening is 8 o’clock, tomorrow night is 11, 12 o’clock to go to sleep, so there is no regular life, immunity can be good?

5. Adhere to outdoor sports: it can activate the metabolism process in the baby’s body, and enhance the constitution.

It is suggested that children under 1 year old should take exercise 2-3 times a day in windless days, about 10 minutes each time. Children over 1 year old can exercise for about 1 hour every day, while children over 2 years old can do outdoor activities for about 2 hours every day.

6. Happy mood: good mood can stimulate the vitality of baby’s immune system.

7. Timely vaccination: vaccinating the baby according to the regulations will help the immune system to mature gradually.


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