Often heard around the mother sigh: “Good depression! The child’s immunity is poor, and sick, three days to run to the hospital, let alone children, adults are afraid!” Indeed, the child’s life sick, the family are not happy, looking at the usual bouncing dolls like withered flowers, Mommy will be distressed!

Admittedly, mothers all want their children to have good immunity, but do you know that sometimes some wrong practices of family members will quietly destroy their children’s immunity?


Long-term Nutrition for Babies

In order to make the baby’s body develop better, some mothers will be keen to give their children nutrients, what bottled, boxed, domestic, imported, everything… However, it’s not money that’s bad for children to eat nutrients, but reason! Blind supplementation of nutrients to children will not only increase the burden of children’s kidneys, but also lead to metabolic imbalance in the body, disturb the balance of the immune system, and make children more vulnerable to illness.

Children are like saplings, the best “nutrient” is the daily diet of poultry, fish, rice, vegetables and fruits, do not rely too much on the market nutrients.


Abuse of probiotics

In recent years, many businesses are advocating the role of probiotics, leading many mothers to believe that probiotics is a perfect preparation for “harmless people and animals, young and old salty”. In fact, probiotics can inhibit the reproduction of harmful bacteria in the intestinal tract and promote the digestion, absorption and peristalsis of the baby’s intestine, but the baby’s intestinal tract has its own probiotic flora, if long-term use of probiotics, it will destroy the baby’s own probiotic flora, but not conducive to the improvement of the baby’s autoimmunity.


If there is any sign of illness, take medicine to the child immediately.

Many mothers, seeing a slight sign of illness in their babies, immediately give their children medication, thinking that this can strangle the “disease in the cradle”. In fact, mothers don’t have to panic about minor ailments like common cold. The FDA believes that common cold is a self-healing disease. Cold medicines can not remove the root of the disease, shorten the course of the disease, and may cause harm.

Therefore, when a child is sick, he can’t give priority to nursing and treatment, and excessive dependence on drugs will also reduce his own immunity.


Too clean to use all kinds of disinfectants crazily

Other mothers, in order to make their children less sick, are used to cleaning the house inside and outside spotlessly, in addition to the crazy use of various disinfectants, think that a clean and sterile environment is more conducive to the health of their babies. But in fact, the human body is symbiotic with bacteria. Appropriate contact with bacteria in the environment can promote the maturation of the human immune system. Otherwise, once the baby enters the outside world of bacteria, the immune system will soon send out “alarm signals” which will lead to various symptoms of illness.


The more babies eat, the better their physical development.

“People are iron, rice is steel.” Many mothers think that the more children eat, the better for their health, they always like to give their children more food. However, “eating more is better than eating right”, especially in the evening, giving children too much to eat, the intestines and stomach can not rest at night, will lead to children gastrointestinal dysfunction, resistance to decline.

Feeding babies, as long as the balance of nutrition, eating time can be regularly, do not think that the more babies eat, the better for the body.


For fear of children catching cold, wear clothes for children

“There’s a kind of cold that makes your mother feel cold.” Many mothers believe that the formula for children’s clothing should be as follows: two for adults, three for children; three for adults, five for children… In fact, children in the period of rapid growth and development are often more afraid of heat than adults. In summer, it is often children, not adults, who need to use sweat towels. Habits to give babies too much clothing, not only make babies feel uncomfortable, but also cause them to be difficult to adapt to natural temperature changes, the body’s ability to resist changes in the external environment is low.

The correct way is that smaller babies can wear one more thing than adults, and older babies can wear the same amount as adults, or even one less thing than adults. Whether the baby is warm enough to touch the back of the neck, warm and sweatless means that the dress is just right.


Close doors and windows as soon as the temperature drops

In winter, when the temperature is low, many families will keep their doors and windows closed all day, so that no cold air can run in. This can really make the room warmer, but long-term living in a closed space, the air will become more and more turbid, which will increase the density of harmful bacteria, light lead to dry throat symptoms of children, heavy will lead to children’s breathing problems, such as upper respiratory tract infection.

Therefore, if you want your child to get sick less in winter, you should open the window frequently, ventilate and breathe a little fresh “cold air” properly, which is more conducive to improving children’s immunity.


Often hold the child in front of your chest or stay at home with the child.

Some mothers are eager to love their children and worry that their children will bump into each other. They always like to hold their children in their arms or stay at home with them to play. However, children who lack exercise are often less immune than those who exercise regularly. Mothers should encourage their babies to exercise more. Smaller babies can often move their arms, practice raising their heads, kicking their legs, turning over, or climbing on the ground. Older babies can run and jump more, and get in close contact with sunshine outdoors in a better environment.

No matter what age, exercise can accelerate the metabolism of children’s body, enhance their physique and improve their physical immunity.


Let children smoke second-hand cigarettes

Prevention magazine summarizes nine of the worst immune people, including those who regularly smoke secondhand smoke.

Despite all the other things you do well, having a “big smoking gun” at home can reduce your child’s immunity. Long-term living in secondhand smoke environment, children with bronchitis, bronchiolitis, asthma and other respiratory diseases are much higher than other children. If you want your child’s immunity to be better, adults should also “shut up” and be careful about the harm of second-hand smoke to their children.


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