In summer the baby sleeps sweaty, and many parents worry that the baby will be entangled with some diseases. In fact, summer babies sleep sweating, not necessarily sick, parents should pay attention to distinguish its nature, to find out the reasons for baby sweating. If it is physiological sweating, then do not worry; if it is pathological sweating, it is necessary to pay attention to timely medical treatment. In addition, the baby sleep sweating summer, parents should be timely care, or sweat wet clothes, the baby is easy to catch cold. How to care? Let’s take a look.

I. distinguishing nature

1. Physiological sweating

Sweat is secreted by the sweat glands of the skin. Sweat glands are one of the important structures of human skin to regulate body temperature. Baby metabolism is exuberant, the skin moisture content is larger, the skin surface microvascular distribution is more, usually large amount of activity, the skin evaporation of water is more. Moreover, the baby’s ability to self-regulate cold and heat is poor, even at night also like to sweat, which is a normal phenomenon.

Sweating is very common when babies are sleeping, not all of them are physically weak or sick. In fact, a considerable part of the children are physiological sweating, physiological sweating more common in the head and neck, often occurs within half an hour after falling asleep, one hour or so no sweating.

2. Pathological sweating.

Pathological sweating is in the baby’s quiet state, such as rickets sweating, for the first half of the night after sleep, the baby’s head sweating obviously. Because the pillow is stimulated by sweat, the baby often shakes his head when sleeping, head and pillow friction, resulting in thinning pillow hair, loss, forming a typical pillow ring alopecia, medically known as “pillow baldness”, is an early manifestation of infantile rickets, vitamin D and calcium supplements in time, rickets can be controlled, this is the case. Pathological sweating also stops.

If the baby sweats in the middle of the night and before dawn, most of the symptoms are manifestations of the disease, the most common is tuberculosis. There are other manifestations of tuberculosis, such as low fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, flushing of cheeks, etc. Children with tuberculosis are sweating during the day and sweat is called sweat. Night sweats are called night sweats. If the child is suspected to be infected with tuberculosis, should do lung X-ray examination or tuberculin test in order to timely diagnosis, timely treatment.

Two, nursing methods

1, find out why the baby is sweating.

If it is physiological sweating, parents need not worry too much, as long as the removal of the baby sweating caused by external factors can be. Do not blow directly to your baby when you turn on the air conditioner or fan in hot summer, especially when your baby is asleep and sweaty, it is easy to catch cold. In addition, frequent windows ventilation is needed to keep the indoor air fresh.

2. Pay attention to your baby’s clothing and quilt.

Many times it’s just the parents who feel the baby is cold, so they put on more clothes or cover the baby with a thicker quilt. This will make the baby sweat a lot, clothes soaked with sweat, but easy to catch a cold. In summer, babies wear more or thicker clothes. They can easily kick quilt and catch cold at night.

3, dry your body in time.

Baby skin delicate, excessive sweat accumulated in the skin folds, easy to develop prickles, and even cause skin ulcers caused by skin infection. Therefore, we found that the baby sweating more, we must promptly dry the body, to replace the sweat soaked pants.

4, replenish water

Besides sweating, the baby sweats away a certain amount of electrolytes such as sodium, chlorine and potassium. Can also be appropriate to the baby to drink a bit of brine can be added to water and sodium, chlorine, etc., to maintain the body’s electrolyte balance, to avoid dehydration and lead to collapse.

Summer baby sweating, if parents can not be sure is physiological sweating or pathological sweating, should go to the hospital in time, so as to find out the cause as soon as possible, symptomatic treatment.


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