Family has babies, parents are happy and full of worries. Especially with regard to the baby’s stool problem, it’s just the first thing that annoys people. The baby pulled a while, a while urinated, diapers with paper, really expensive ah, summer also worried about covering the baby’s small fart. Using old diapers is very breathable, but diapers are super tired.

Therefore, as soon as possible, let the baby learn to poke oneself more scientifically. However, parents should master scientific methods, teach their babies to defecate themselves, and pay attention to the “situation”.

Putting urine into urine: training your baby’s sense of urination

Generally speaking, from the baby’s 2 months old, parents can start to urinate through excrement, the baby’s stool awareness training. Too early, because the baby is not aware of it, there will be no more obvious stool characteristics.

Babies, like adults, are best advised to defecate before dawn or at night. After the bowel movement in the morning, it is easy to relax. The baby can eat and sleep more comfortably without any burden. And defecate before going to bed at night, can let the baby fall asleep easily and sleep soundly and sweetly.

At the beginning, mom and dad gave urine to the baby in fixed time, and the baby might not be able to stool. However, at this time, the key is to help the baby set up conditioned reflex and cultivate the sense of regular stool. Even if the baby does not come out, mom and dad are going to show off.

Give the baby a few times a day, so that the baby gradually accept this way of defecation, the formation of conditioned reflex, as long as Mom and dad pose for the baby, the baby can have the intention.

Correct response: understanding the baby’s stool symptoms

Mom and Dad, who have had experience raising babies, know that every baby actually sends out a “I want to poop” signal. The key is to see if Mom and dad can get to the baby’s signal, and understand, respond promptly. If mom and dad are slow, always receive inaccurate, the baby naturally will not bother to pay attention to you, directly solve themselves.

Mom and dad should be good at observing whether the baby has symptoms of defecation. For example, when the baby wants to stool, the small face will suffocate. This is very obvious. Sometimes the baby is playing, suddenly not moving, or small stomach hard, legs straight, parents will be quick to “alarm bell big” to urinate. Otherwise, you may have to change diapers or diapers for your baby. The more obvious sign is that the baby will cry.

Natural training for urination and urination is usually done between the ages of 2 and 2.5, when most babies are already able to control the muscles of the anus and urethra and can try to learn to defecate themselves.

Observe: learn about your baby’s health from poop.

Stool usually reflects the baby’s physical condition. The baby’s normal urine is usually light yellow, clear and transparent, and some will emit a slight aroma oh. Now is the summer, the baby sweats more, may correspondingly appear yellow urine, less urine. At this time, mom and dad should pay attention to timely replenishment of moisture for the baby, so that the baby’s urine restored to light yellow.

Within 1 years old, the baby usually urinate 10-15 times a day before it is normal. As the baby ages, the frequency will decrease. Summer is hot and hot, parents should pay special attention to the baby’s urine color and urine volume, timely replenishment of water for the baby.

At the same time, be alert to the baby’s urinary tract infection. Many parents think that the baby is so small that it is impossible to have such an adult disease. In fact, it is not so, still using diapers, diapers baby, if not timely replacement diapers, cleaning the small fart, it is easy to cause bacterial breeding, causing urinary tract infection.

Summer baby wears open crotch pants, especially girls, urethra is very close to the anus, short urethra, easy to contact germs and cause urinary tract infection. If the baby appears to urinate more times, accompanied by pain, urgency and so on, parents should take the baby timely medical treatment.


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